Streaming Server

Deliver fast and reliable VoD, live and OTT video to
everyone, everywhere, at all times.

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Streaming Server

Deliver fast and reliable VoD, live and OTT video to everyone, everywhere, at all times.

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Extreme Performance

Hit the fastest speeds from a single server


Massive Edge Storage

High-performance streaming and persistence for seamless VoD


Requests per Second

Satisfy any audience size

Reach more people, faster

Streaming Server provides ultra-fast streaming experiences, with unbeatable caching and origin protection technology that reduces latency, protects infrastructure and scales easily to satisfy huge audiences. Let Streaming Server do the hard work while you handle more viewers with fewer resources.

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100TB+ edge storage
Streaming Server includes the Varnish Massive Storage Engine to store multi-terabyte data sets in-cache, minimizing backend requests for streaming VoD so viewers enjoy stable, lightning-fast delivery of vast content libraries.

Pre-fetch content
Predictively load data into the cache before it is requested, so it’s ready to serve immediately. Prefetching improves cache-hit ratios, so you can put an end to buffering issues and keep viewers engaged with smooth VoD and OTT streaming
Match any demand, at all times, with auto-scaling in the cloud or container service. Streamlined auto-scaling automatically produces the configuration files so each node automatically discovers its peers and stays up to date
Origin protection
Streaming Server features a high-performance content replication engine and protective layer against massive traffic floods, boosting the reliability and resilience of your streaming service.
Monitoring and analytics
An administration console and statistics engine provides real-time control and analysis for all your web traffic.

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Why use Varnish Streaming Server?

“Streaming Server performs exactly as promised. Things will not break, regardless of traffic spikes. We launched it on a Friday afternoon right before streaming a big sports event, and it worked flawlessly.”


Adam Palmblad, TV Architect, Com Hem

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Satisfy every user with reliably super-fast streaming, no matter the audience size, location or device.


Scale easily to match any demand while protecting backend servers.

Cost control

Less backend load means less downtime,
fewer backend servers and lower
bandwidth costs.

Origin server
Let your origin do what it’s good at: ingesting, mix and packaging, while Varnish does the heavy lifting.
Varnish server
Thanks to MSE, Varnish can store huge volumes of video as origin shield, making sure requests go to the origin only when absolutely necessary.
Cloud server
Place the video caching edge close to your user, be it live, VoD or catch-up to ensure minimal startup time for your customer.
Varnish ensures speedy, responsive content delivery optimized by device type.

Streaming Server

Sitting between viewers, CDNs and backend infrastructure, Streaming Server delivers live, OTT and VoD streaming at any scale. It provides highly optimized video delivery while protecting critical infrastructure, handling any demand while delivering the high-performance, responsive video streaming experiences that viewers demand.

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