Varnish Software & Amazon Web Services

Varnish Software is proud to be an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner and to offer expertise and cloud solutions to businesses who are adopting a cloud-based strategy.

As companies are increasingly implementing cloud-based strategies to reduce costs, minimize CapEx and gain greater flexibility based on their actual needs, Varnish Software is committed to helping them achieve their business objectives by providing cloud solutions that address web performance optimization, scalability, and enhanced content delivery.

With the Varnish solution suite on AWS, enterprises of all sizes are able to access solutions that allow them to reduce workload on-premise and to scale their caching capabilities according to their needs while taking advantage of AWS cloud technology, expertise, and best practices.

Benefits of Varnish solutions on AWS

  • Easily increase or reduce the number of Varnish instances depending on the traffic to your sites/APIs
  • Improve your overall performance with key components such as Varnish Massive Storage Engine, a persistent storage backend for large data sets designed specifically for the high-performance needs of video distribution, CDNs, and large cache use cases, as well as Varnish High Availability, a high-performance content replicator and SSL/TLS front-end/backend support
  • Varnish Software provides trusted solutions for many of the world’s largest companies, ranging from broadcast media, media, e-commerce, to high-tech and Internet service providers as well as educational and governmental entities.
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