Partitioning your Varnish Cache

If you have multiple virtual hosts being handled by the same server you some times want some sort of QoS to apply to your caching. You might want to reserve a certain amount of memory for each...

By Per Buer 25 / 06 / 2014

Notes from the last Varnish Developer Day

Once every quarter there is a VDD - Varnish Developer Day. We typically gather between 8-16 people that are interested in Varnish development and discuss where we are and where we wanna go. 

By Per Buer 24 / 06 / 2014

Adding headers to gain insight into VCL

Varnish logs a lot. Sometimes it is a bit too much and verifying that your VCL works the way it is supposed to can be a bit of a bother, especially on a busy server. The new...

By Per Buer 23 / 06 / 2014

Grace in Varnish 4 - Stale-while-revalidate semantics in Varnish

Grace mode has since its inception in Varnish 2.1 been a key feature in Varnish. Initially a feature to mitigate thread pile-ups and the resulting thundering herd was soon adopted to other uses,...

By Per Buer 20 / 06 / 2014

Varnish welcomes new partners

Since the release of Varnish Plus in January, we've seen a surge in interest in Varnish...

By David Vogel 16 / 06 / 2014

Introducing the Varnish Tuner

Varnish Cache is a high performance web application accelerator that performs very good out of the box. The default parameters have evolved since the start of the project, and they fit fine for a...

By Espen Braastad 10 / 06 / 2014

WebRebels with a cause - Varnish Software on WebRebels 2014

At Varnish Software we value communities and how they contribute to technology. We also make sure we take part in relevant events that can improve our team skills, and create relationships with...

By Hugo Cruz 28 / 05 / 2014