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We enable customers to deliver their content at optimal speed and quality while empowering them to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Brands like Twitch, Emirates, Nikon, CBC, Tesla, Sky, and Blizzard Entertainment all trust Varnish Software to help them meet their content delivery and application performance needs.

Current openings

Front-end developer | Oslo or New York

Varnish Software works with top global enterprises helping them use Varnish to increase web performance and to build private CDNs, consumer CDNs, and advanced edge platforms. Over 100 top global brands and enterprises trust Varnish Software in helping them meet their application performance and content delivery needs. Varnish Software maintains its own proprietary branch of Varnish Cache and a line of Varnish-based products and solutions.

At Varnish Software, we take pride in our software and products and we value innovation. We strive to hire team members who share these values. We offer an open, honest, and international culture in a laid back and stimulating work environment. You will be working with some of the brightest and most talented people in the industry. We offer competitive salaries, full benefits, generous vacation time, and more.

To help us continue to grow and develop creative solutions, we are looking for a candidate passionate about web performance to strengthen our engineering team in Oslo or New York.

We’re looking for candidates with proven experience with the following:

  • JavaScript(ES6/7), HTML5, CSS3/SASS/LESS.
  • Design and web aesthetics.
  • Rapid prototyping / simulations / iterative design.
  • One or more frontend frameworks (such as React, Angular, Ember or Vue).
  • Responsive frameworks (such as Bootstrap).
  • Familiar with tooling such as Webpack and NPM.
  • Experience with current web application development tools (build tools, unit testing framework, end-to-end testing frameworks, etc.) and best practices.
  • Familiar with Git work flow.


  • Strong understanding of web performance, scalability, and implementation constraints.
  • Good English verbal and written communication skills.

What we offer:

  • Ability to influence product development, building administration and analytics tools.
  • A happy, creative, non-hierarchical work environment in which you are a valued member of our organization.
  • Involvement in the complete lifecycle of software products.
  • Interaction and cooperation with global customers.
  • An opportunity to showcase your work in community meetups and other conferences where applicable.
  • Contribute your expertise as part of the support rotation.
  • International environment with offices and colleagues all over the world.

The company language is English.

To apply, please send your resume or questions to

We are looking for…

  • When Chicken Little exclaims, “The sky is falling!”, you are skeptical and are pretty sure you can fix it. You like and want to fix it. You are cool-headed, easygoing and solution-oriented.
  • If you don’t really get the “sky is falling” reference (even though versions of this story probably exist across cultures), it’s totally okay. Varnish Software is international – despite our relatively small size, we’re made up of a whole flock of different nationalities. We are all over the world, and our products are, too.
  • Varnish Cache, our open source HTTP accelerator, is used by more than 2.8 million websites and by 14% of the top ten thousand websites in the world. We’ve built our Varnish products with Varnish Cache at their core.
  • Varnish Software is a laid-back place to work. But make no mistake: we do take very seriously the work of creating and sharing our software – and have fun doing it. We value flexibility, independence, and trust. Get to know us.
  • We value smarts and ideas. We do not love cliches. We are not going to write that we want “rockstars” and “superheroes”. We will write that we want natural curiosity and love for tech that will help us build and share software that is the rockstar superhero.

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