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Got a problem? Need some help? This section lists the various resources where you can ask questions or get support.


The Varnish Cache community has an internet relay chat (IRC) channel where Varnish users hang out and engage with each other. It’s a place where you can get help from the community.

The channel is #varnish on server

Access the #varnish channel on IRC

Mailing list

The Varnish Cache community uses a collection of mailing lists for more formal discussions around the development of Varnish.

One particular mailing called varnish-misc is open to the public for questions. Various community members will answer these questions on a best-effort basis.

Access the varnish-misc mailing list


StackOverflow is arguably the most popular knowledge-sharing platform on the internet. It features numerous communities that are dedicated to a specific audience or a specific application platform. The various communities fall under the StackExchange umbrella and StackOverflow is one of them.

There is a varnish tag on StackOverflow where answers can be found to Varnish-related questions. You can also submit your own questions. Varnish Software has staff monitoring the varnish and varnish-vcl tags and answering relevant questions on the various communities.

Read Varnish questions on StackOverflow

Varnish Software support

All the initiatives mentioned above are run on a best-effort basis. Most of the time you’ll get a reply within an acceptable timeframe. Unfortunately this is not guaranteed.

However, Varnish Software offers a subscription-based support model that is backed by Service Level Agreements. Support is provided by actual Varnish core engineers.

Depending on the selected subscription, you’ll get 24/7/365 support.

Explore Varnish Enterprise support levels

Varnish Cache LinkedIn Group

Varnish Software operates a Varnish Cache LinkedIn Group where announcements, tutorials, videos and tech blog posts are shared. It’s also a place where questions can be asked. Varnish Software has staff monitoring this group for potential questions and comments.

Engage with our LinkedIn group