Varnish 6 by Example Book

Varnish 6 by Example is the official Varnish 6 book, written by Thijs Feryn, the Technical Evangelist at Varnish Software. The book has 778 pages and covers all things Varnish. As the name suggests, the book is very example-driven and contains hundreds of VCL examples. Most of the content is written for Varnish Cache users, but there's also plenty of content on Varnish Enterprise features.

Varnish 6 by example paperback and digital version on tablet.

Digital and Analog

Varnish 6 by Example is available both as a digital and a physical book. By signing up on our main website's book page, you can download a free copy of the digital version in PDF format. If you want the paperback version, you can buy it on Amazon.

What You Will Learn

Varnish 6 by Example takes a hands-on approach to Varnish, from first steps with the software to tackling advanced caching techniques.

Install Varnish-icon

Install Varnish

Across platforms, hardware and distributions

Caching Basics-icon

Caching Basics

Leveraging HTTP caching best practices

Write VCL-icon

Write VCL

A flexible edge logic for finely tuned caching

Configure Storage-icon

Configure Storage

Understand how to efficiently cache massive amount of datas

Use Every Feature-icon

Use Every Feature

A guide to all Varnish 6 features and VMODs

Load Balancing-icon

Load Balancing

Using Varnish in a multi-node architecture

Securing Varnish-icon

Securing Varnish

With access controls, cache encryption and TLS

Advanced Edge Caching-icon

Advanced Edge Caching

From cache invalidation to caching the uncacheable

Build CDNs-icon

Build CDNs

Unlock private CDN performance

Streaming Video-icon

Streaming Video

Varnish is a powerful live, OTT, VoD streaming platform


“This book takes a deep dive into the technical features of Varnish and then goes further: it encourages readers to rethink their content delivery strategy and emphasizes the importance of decision-making on the edge. It's packed with examples, making abstract content delivery concepts more tangible and relatable, so you're ready to use Varnish in the wild.”