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CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster, and its website, cbc.ca, face the same content delivery and scalability challenges as most world-leading media properties in the current digital landscape.

Boozt Fashion, a Swedish e-commerce leader, aimed to keep operations lean and efficient while delivering high-performance, personalized e-commerce user experiences. Varnish Plus helped Boozt manage these challenges.

Eurosport, the leading European television sports network, uses Varnish Plus to stream live and OTT video content in multiple video channels for major sporting events by building their own CDN and taking back control of their content and business logic.

A major telecommunications company used Varnish Plus to create its own DIY CDN and to embrace Varnish Plus's high-performance and flexibility advantages.

CacheFly, a leading CDN provider, relies on Varnish Plus to supercharge their high-performance content delivery offer.

Using Varnish Plus has allowed Transport for London (TfL) to provide cost savings and better serve the commuters of London.

Learn how Nikon cut their page response times by more than 50% and improved organic traffic by more than 60% during the three months following their implementation of Varnish Plus.

Serving fresh data is vital for Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. With Varnish Administration Console, a solution in the Varnish Plus solution suite, they are able to serve their customers fresh data in a consistent manner.

Surfline shares how they have used Varnish Plus to keep its web and API services and user numbers growing while staying fast and nimble, riding the waves even in peak traffic situations.

This case study describes how Norway’s most popular online news site uses Varnish Custom Statistics solution to monitor web traffic and resolve problems in real-time.

Globo is the largest commercial television network of Latin America. After implementing Varnish Plus, Globo saw a fast return on their investment, they could reduce the hardware they relied on and their website performed better.

“Varnish is such a flexible solution that all our paywall-needs could be met within a very reasonable timeframe and with minor adjustments to our publication and payment systems,” said Christian Stavik, editor-in-chief of FVN’s online edition.

Ireland’s National Public Service Broadcaster (RTÉ) relies on Varnish Plus for delivering content. It has now become an essential part of their toolkit.

sheego depends on Varnish Plus for advanced web caching support, content replication and resilience for their business-critical online shop site.

Waoo is a national content and fiber broadband company in Denmark. It provides digital experiences to fibernetworked consumers in Denmark. This includes TV, internet and telephony services.

With the support of Allenta, RCS MediaGroup implemented Varnish Plus for advanced access control solutions for their digital media properties.