Varnish Broadcaster

Smarter cache invalidation from a central point of control with Varnish Broadcaster™

A strong cache invalidation strategy is as important as your caching strategy.

How can you ensure that your newest, freshest content is updated and available for all users across your global footprint?

Varnish Broadcaster gives you the ability to replicate requests to multiple Varnish cache instances from a single entry point. This makes it easier to purge/ban content across multiple Varnish instances running a single command.

The broadcaster has a REST API, which receives invalidation requests and distributes these to all configured caches. Available in packages, Varnish Broadcaster installation is straightforward.


  • Not limited to purging alone, Varnish Broadcast and can be embedded in your infrastructure as a tool to broadcast any other HTTP request (i.e. requests to be sent to all nodes)
  • Simplifies purging/banning content across multiple instances
  • Single point of failure

Who should use Varnish Broadcaster?

Any company dealing with CDNs, e-commerce platforms, media houses, or anyone needing to update their content frequently and ensure it’s always the newest available should use Varnish Broadcaster.

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