Varnish Essentials course outline

Course description

Varnish Essentials is a self-paced e-learning course that provides insight into how to implement and set up Varnish for optimal performance, flexibility, and scalability.


  • Basic command line knowledge on UNIX-like systems
  • Knowledge about HTTP and cache headers
  • Regular expressions
  • Completion of Getting Started with Varnish e-learning course

Target audience:

Typical attendees are systems administrators, devops and web developers or people with technical knowledge as outlined above.

Learning objective

On completion of this day, attendees will be able to use the Varnish platform to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of VCL basics and built-in subroutines
  • Understand the varnishadm tool
  • Understand lifetime of cached objects and how they are stored in Varnish
  • Understand basic cache invalidation: purge and bans
  • Able to understand backends in Varnish
  • Examine Varnish server output using varnishlog and varnishstat

Exam and certificate

Upon completion of the course, attendees can take an exam and obtain a certificate if they score more than 75%.

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