Getting started

Let’s get started with Varnishing your website!

Step-by-step configuration for web applications

Magento 2 guide to Varnish

WordPress guide to Varnish

Drupal guide to Varnish

Configuration for enterprise products

Adobe Extension Manager (AEM)

Expression Engine (EE)

Configuring VCL beyond the default

Below are links to examples of VCL configurations in/with Varnish.

What’s in the built-in VCL?

Common VCL configuration

WordPress and VCL

Drupal and VCL

Magento2 and VCL

Recipes for cache invalidation

Our Webinar on Cache Invalidation Strategies

Cache Invalidation Bundle

Below is a list of resources that can help you understand and manage Varnish better:

  1. The Varnish Book - The book is one of our best training manuals/reference sources, which includes in-depth details and exercises.
  2. Getting started with Varnish Cache - This guide helps you master Varnish basics so you can get up and running in no time - without the steep learning curve.
  3. The Varnish Tutorial - The tutorial explains Varnish basics and gets you started with Varnish.
  4. The Varnish User Guide - The user guide explains how Varnish works and how you can use it to improve your website.
  5. The Varnish Reference Manual - The reference manual contains hard facts and is useful for looking up specific questions.
  6. Relevant Resources - The resources document contains links to useful information collected from sources outside our website.

Last but not least this wiki will give you a hands-on guide to making your digital content fly!