Build customized CDNs for enhancing performance and flexibility while managing costs

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Build customized CDNs for enhancing performance
and flexibility while managing costs

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Unlock unbeatable speed

Hit 190Gbps from a single server to satisfy users anywhere with latency-free content.


Control operating expenses

Use DIY CDN in a hybrid setup to reduce backend server load and control
costs long term.


Take back your content delivery

Configure to exact requirements for
optimal performance, including custom
PoP placement, and keep control
of content delivery.

Control content delivery and stay competitive at scale

DIY CDN is a customizable CDN toolkit for providing a fully optimized experience for users, without the costs of building from scratch or using public CDNs. Using pre-built, pre-optimized origin protection and edge-caching components, Varnish DIY CDN delivers content in a tuned, tailored way, giving you a competitive edge while satisfying users with maximum performance.

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Edge caching
Makes extreme performance possible, with 190Gbps from a single server while handling 100K+ requests per second.

Origin protection
DIY CDN features a high-performance content replication engine and protective layer against huge audiences and unpredictable demand.
Custom PoP placement
Strategically locate PoPs to reach global audiences quickly and control content delivery to optimize the user experience for key customers.
Edge computing
Execute logic at the network edge in real-time on high-speed infrastructure rather than client-side.
Configurability and control
VCL lets you customize and control delivery and set policies for maximum performance while avoiding vendor lock-in.

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Why use DIY CDN?

“Using Varnish DIY CDN we are able to deliver hundreds
of terabytes of content seamlessly as well as deliver
on our 100 percent SLA to our customers.”

Matt Levine, Founder and CTO, CacheFly

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Manage costs

Use Varnish in a hybrid CDN setup to control costs by taking over bulk traffic and ending downtime events.

Stay online

Protect origin servers and significantly reduce CPU and memory usage, so you stay online and keep users engaged.

Keep control

Configure your CDN to exact requirements, including the freedom to locate PoPs anywhere and customize traffic routing.

Origin server
Deploying origin servers in multiple locations may cause a lot of headaches because of replication and synchronization. With Varnish, you can reach customers all over the world without multiplying your origins.
Varnish server
As the brain of your setup, your origin needs to be accessible globally by the edge server, and it must be protected from abuse.
Varnish is easy and quick to deploy, hence it can easily be deployed anywhere in the world. In the cloud, virtualized, containerized or on bare metal, put Varnish close to your user to reduce latency.


A fully customizable edge caching and origin protection technology stack, DIY CDN helps content providers build in-house private CDNs, hybrid CDNs, consumer CDNs, and advanced edge platforms. DIY CDN can reach uncharted levels of performance while mitigating cost escalation to provide true ROI. 

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