Varnish Software®, in collaboration with Intel and Supermicro, sets new records in video streaming with 4th Gen Intel Xeon processor achieving 1.3 Tbps per server throughput at 1.17 Gbps per Watt

Initiative Establishes New Industry Record For Speed, Power and TCO Efficiency For TLS-Encrypted Traffic, Paving Way For Next-Gen Live Streaming


Los Angeles, CA – February 22, 2023 – Varnish Software, a leader in web caching, video streaming and content delivery software solutions, in collaboration with Intel and Supermicro today announced new, record-setting content delivery performance milestones, having achieved greater than 1.3 Tbps throughput on a single Edge server consuming approximately 1,120 watts, resulting in 1.17 Gbps per Watt. The combined solution makes it possible for content delivery services and the live event industry to support massive live streaming events in an economical and sustainable way.

“Achieving over 1 Tbps in a single Edge server is a major leap forward for the industry, and critical for delivering the next generation of video and digital experiences,” said Frank Miller CTO, Varnish Software. “The need to deliver more throughput with less energy and at the lowest cost is growing exponentially. With commercially available software and off-the-shelf server hardware from Supermicro – built on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors – we have entered a new era of CDN cache performance. Varnish Software’s unique architecture, features and capabilities were essential in reaching the new benchmarks, which include asynchronous direct I/O, NUMA awareness and software-based TLS.”

The benchmarks were accomplished using Varnish Enterprise 6.0 deployed on a Supermicro 2U CloudDC server powered by 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, without requiring the use of specialized, added-cost TLS offload cards. Supermicro’s CloudDC server line is an optimized platform targeting private and public clouds offered in 1U and 2U form factors in single or dual processor configurations. These servers are optimized for balance among processor, memory, storage, expansion, and networking to give the best efficiency. For expansion, each of these servers offer a variety of PCI-Express (PCIe) Gen 5 x8 and x16 slots for the latest PCIe cards. CloudDC is a well rounded server that gives the best cost to optimized performance ratio.

“We deliver first-to-market innovations and IT Solutions that are environmentally friendly and fit every organization’s objectives and budget,” said Michael Mcnerney, vice president, Marketing and Network Security, Supermicro. “The collaboration with Intel and Varnish Software is an example of how we are working closely with best-in-class technology partners to deliver the latest generation of cutting-edge solutions, specifically in the video streaming and CDN space.”

Importantly, the throughput and energy efficiencies achieved with this benchmark can be applied to a broad range of servers depending on customer requirements. Varnish looks forward to working with key partners Intel and Supermicro on solutions that support a wide range of video and content delivery workloads leveraging cost-effective system footprints and energy efficiency.

Parties interested in learning more can contact Varnish directly [link] or schedule a meeting with Varnish at MWC in Barcelona, February 27 – March 2, 2023. 


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