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The Varnish Book

The Varnish Book offers comprehensive software documentation on using Varnish Cache and Varnish Enterprise.

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Case studies

Learn how a host of global companies and organizations in a variety of industries have adopted and used Varnish Software solutions to deliver better web performance and enhanced user experiences.

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White papers

Find out how Varnish Software solutions can enhance your web performance, accelerate content delivery, help you manage your API strategy, address challenges and provide insights.

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Varnish Custom Statistics demo

Aggregate, display and analyze user web traffic using real-time statistics engine.

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Varnish Administration Console demo

See for yourself what the Varnish Administration Console can do for you.

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Discover more about Varnish Software expertise through our free webinar series. We cover a broad range of topics within our technical niche, from web caching strategies to API and microservices architecture and much more.

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