Professional Services

Varnish Professional Services offers you a set of options that allows you to access Varnish expert consultation and advisory services or seek professional Varnish support services.


For Fujitsu, vendor support was key in delivering and supporting the critical e-business layer we implement for our customers; professional services provided an additional layer of security and expertise, which is why a Varnish subscription was a must for us.


Michel Schuster

IT Architect at Fujitsu Technology Solutions

Professional Services

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Varnish Migration Assessment and Assistance

Get a tailor-made migration plan to help you move to the latest version of Varnish.

Option 2

Varnish Health Check

Get a 360 overview on the health, configuration and performance of your Varnish installation.

Option 2

Varnish Audit

Get a professional consultation on a configuring and enhancing your Varnish subscription and installation.

Option 2

Varnish Quickstart

Get started with Varnish with an optimized Varnish instance, tailor-made for your organization's needs.

Who should use Varnish professional services consulting?

Anyone seeking guidance in installing and configuring Varnish optimally, anyone stumped by a complex Varnish problem or inspired to create a new solution using Varnish will benefit from the expertise offered by Varnish Professional Services.

Varnish Professional Services will work closely and collaboratively with you to understand your needs, challenges and desired outcomes and help advise, develop and deploy the optimal solution.

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Get Support

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Get up to speed with Varnish® Software. Learn more about optimizing API and web performance and content delivery.

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Estimate pricing

In the market for Varnish®? Get a price estimate right away using our estimation tool.

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Talk to an expert

Varnish® experts are on hand to answer your technical questions and help you find the solution you need.

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