Akamai Connector for Varnish

Simplify operational workflows, increase efficiency and reduce costs with your Akamai-Varnish integration



More efficient caching operations

Eliminate duplication in effort by unifying policy creation and deployment


Full caching control in one place

Easily control Akamai features and functionality directly from Varnish


Easily integrate both platforms

Seamlessly sync Akamai with Varnish for enhanced day-to-day productivity

Simplify configuration and
de-duplicate effort with Varnish’s Akamai Connector

Akamai Connector for Varnish was developed to make caching rules and configuration easier, more efficient and more “configure once, deploy everywhere” (or at least across Akamai) in nature.

Varnish as an origin cache server lets you drive configuration yourself, and sync automatically in real time with the Akamai platform.

Varnish becomes your single source of cache truth and unlocks new flexibility while locking down origin shielding during outage conditions.

Automatically create an origin shield
Shield the origin from increasingly frequent commercial CDN service interruptions and outages with Varnish as the origin shield.

Automatically signal the effects of cache rule changes to Akamai
Mark responses as cacheable or non-cacheable, defer ESI execution when needed, translate stale-while-revalidate requests to use Akamai’s Edge Control and prefetch capabilities.
Automatically synchronize purge requests with Akamai
Create cache consistency between Varnish instance at origin and remote Akamai Edge server and take advantage of automatically synchronized purge requests.
Automatically ensure core operational elements are configured properly
Maintain consistency between Akamai and Varnish and ensure Akamai best practices are implemented.

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Varnish Akamai Connector Diagram

Why Akamai Connector for Varnish?

One single source of caching truth.

Configure your caching policies once with Varnish as your cache control panel and deploy across your Akamai integration to ensure consistency and boost your day-to-day productivity.

Protect yourself.

Protect against effects of unplanned downtime with flexible origin shielding as an added benefit of having Varnish at your origin.

Overcome limitations.

Overcome limitations of black-box Akamai configuration restrictions, storage limitations, and implement real-time changes.

Reduce costs.

Reduce the unpredictable costs associated with Akamai pricing and save operational costs by eliminating redundant work across multiple systems.

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