Varnish Software Certifies 100Gbit/sec,TLS-Based Streaming Video Delivery

Previously Unrealized Capacity Lets Users Upgrade Streaming Infrastructure to 100Gbit/sec Per Server to Dramatically Boost Architectural Efficiency and Network Scale

New York, London, Stockholm, Oslo – September 18, 2018 Varnish Software, a pioneer in caching software and high-performance content delivery, today launched an industry-first in streaming technology, offering certified 100Gbit video delivery with its latest Varnish 6.0 release and Varnish Streaming Server [LINK TO BE ADDED].

“With this breakthrough, Varnish 6.0 offers certified 100Gbit video delivery over TLS,” Varnish Software VP of Technology Reza Naghibi explains. “With Varnish Streaming Server, you can upgrade your infrastructure, and we will certify your site or platform for 100Gbit video streaming delivery. This is an industry first, and a feature many of our customers have been demanding.”

Web caching – or saving a copy of responses to incoming content requests to serve clients that later request the same content – protects backend servers from overload and speeds up content delivery and overall web performance. Varnish Software solutions were designed and built for this task with a flexible caching engine at their core. Varnish provides this flexibility with an array of tools that help ensure that content is always fresh, always available and scalable, no matter what level of demand.

This level of content delivery has grown especially important in an era during which video delivery and video streaming comprise the majority of internet traffic. Ensuring that both live video and video-on-demand is served up smoothly without the dreaded latency that has plagued video streaming in the past is what Varnish, and more specifically, Varnish Streaming Server, delivers.

With this speed, the Varnish 100Gbit/second certification provides streaming infrastructure at a faster rate and capacity than the market has previously realized. The 100Gbit/second certification guarantees that Varnish Software customers receive 100Gbit/second per server, TLS-based, outbound video delivery. This can translate into a 10x or even 100x increase in delivery efficiency over current 10Gbit and 1Gbit technology. 100Gbit technology facilitates a tremendous capacity to scale out. Optimizing hardware to ensure this scalability while eliminating architectural inefficiencies ensures that existing architecture delivers more than enough capacity for current and future video streaming needs without having to build onto a data center.

In this era of undisputed growth in streaming traffic, this marriage between architectural efficiency and network scale is essential for the success of any modern video delivery platform.

About Varnish Software

Varnish Software is a pioneer in high-performance digital content delivery including web and API acceleration, streaming and content delivery. Powered by a uniquely flexible caching technology, Varnish Software’s solutions are the indispensable common denominators among the world’s most popular websites and brands, such as Eurosport, Sky, Nikon, Twitch, and Tesla. Varnish solutions enable organizations worldwide to provide fast and reliable digital content delivery at any scale while giving them the flexibility to maintain control over their content and make the technology their own.

Varnish Software has offices in London, New York, Stockholm, Oslo and Paris.

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