Varnish Software achieves more than 150 Gbps per server with Enterprise 6 upgrade

New release of Varnish Enterprise 6 includes native TLS support for faster delivery

Los Angeles, California, 2nd March 2020 – Varnish Software, the leading provider of caching software for content providers, today announced native TLS support in the latest release of Varnish 6.0.

The updated software solution – used by everyone from Sky to Tesla – is capable of offering an industry-first certified 150Gbps for each server, allowing customers to serve more data without the need to spend on additional resources. Benchmark tests with Varnish customers reached 160Gbps, and show that Varnish 6.0 with native TLS is now the fastest and most resource consumption efficient content delivery solution available.

As faster networks have become more commonplace, the need to further push the boundaries of performance has grown to ensure both live video and video-on-demand are served up smoothly without buffering.

In addition, the performance of content delivery networks has become increasingly important as video delivery and ultra-HD video streaming comprises a rising proportion of internet traffic. The continued development and rollout of 5G networks will put even greater emphasis on the need for reliable delivery networks.

The previous iteration of Varnish 6.0 guaranteed that Varnish Software customers could deliver 100Gbps per server, but separated TLS and the core caching components into two processes which required additional resource usage. By developing native TLS support into the core Varnish software, this additional network step has been removed, ensuring customers are now able to reliably serve more data with less resource usage.

“Our aim is always to optimise our software to work efficiently with the platform our customers use” said Espen Braastad, VP Engineering, Varnish Software. “The marriage between architectural efficiency and network scale is essential for the success of any modern content delivery platform. Achieving more than 150Gbps while still maintaining reliable, low-latency content delivery means our customers can stay ahead of the curve and have more than enough capacity for their current and future needs.”

With network operators eager to better monetise their offerings, the ability to reach content delivery speeds in excess of 150Gbps from a single server/instance is significant. Consumers are expecting 5G rollouts to bring significant performance improvements with lower latency and higher bandwidth, but in order to benefit from new premium service offerings and superior experiences high performance caching and edge computing is key. Managing as much traffic at the network edge, relieving the burden on origin servers, will keep traffic flowing – with Varnish 6.0, this is not only easier, but also more cost effective than ever before.


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