Varnish Software Opens LA Office to Power Robust Content Delivery Across Streaming, Websites and Networks

With flexibility and high performance, Varnish delivers an unbeatable content delivery platform

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 19, 2020 – Varnish Software, a pioneer in high-performance content delivery, has opened its U.S. headquarters in Silicon Beach, Los Angeles. Varnish Software’s powerful technology helps the world’s largest content providers deliver optimized web and streaming experiences for vast, global audiences to accelerate performance. These solutions combine open-source flexibility with enterprise robustness to speed up media streaming services, accelerate websites and APIs, and enable global businesses to build and manage their own custom content delivery networks (CDNs). Varnish Software has helped hundreds of organizations deliver content to more than one billion users.

Today’s consumers want access to content immediately and lack the patience to accommodate lag and delays so it’s imperative that organizations accelerate content delivery to acquire and retain users while enhancing their experience. Varnish Software already provides solutions to the top five streaming providers in the U.S. and by opening an LA office, the company hopes to tap into the mid-market. By bringing its technology closer to customers, Varnish Software can help them scale easily to match consumer demand peaks and protect their critical infrastructure – all while keeping costs low and predictable. Its core technology, Varnish Enterprise, is packaged into three separate software products to address different content delivery challenges: Streaming Server; Private CDN; and Web & API Acceleration. Using these solutions, organizations can gain a competitive edge and increase profitability as they grow.

“We’re excited to help new customers in the U.S. strengthen and accelerate content delivery as they exceed expectations of users regardless of the organization’s size,” said James Whyte, VP of Sales and General Manager for Varnish Software U.S. “Our solutions allow customers to handle unpredictable demand by scaling rapidly to deliver content at speed while controlling costs. As we aggressively expand our LA team, we look forward to continuing to empower organizations to take greater market share without worrying about the performance of high-traffic content.”

Using Varnish Software, organizations benefit from: 

  • Open-source flexibility and efficiency: This solution mitigates the risk associated with deploying open-source software as the technology is extensively tested for flaws.
  • More feature-rich and performant: This platform contains more features and tools for optimizing content delivery for each specific case, no matter the content, audience, location or devices involved.
  • Increased control: This software enables control over content delivery to provide performance optimization and flexibility without compromising on stability. In addition, it provides the ability to set up Private CDN rather than using public CDNs – a critical feature of security-focused organizations. 
  • Enterprise robustness and support: This technology provides the features, stability, agility and support required for large-scale enterprise deployments.
  • Flexibility and a wider range of use cases: While used for content delivery over HTTP for websites and streaming services, Varnish’s solution also speeds up internal data transfer, using private custom CDNs, for all manner of content delivery challenges. 
  • Ongoing support and professional services: Varnish provides expert advice and long-term support cycles as well as managed, predictable releases for high-traffic websites and large streaming services.

Varnish Software is offered as a subscription-based software in addition to professional services to help implement and enable best practice usage of its products. Varnish Enterprise is available for on-premise, cloud and hybrid infrastructure and is powered by a caching layer that is trusted by more than 9 million websites worldwide.

About Varnish Software

Varnish Software’s powerful caching technology helps the world’s biggest content providers deliver lightning-fast web and streaming experiences for huge audiences, without downtime or loss of performance. 

Founded in 2010, Varnish Software has offices in Oslo, Stockholm, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. For more information, please visit 

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