Varnish Software Releases New Content Delivery Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Data

Benchmarks Show How Upgrading to Properly Sized, Energy Efficient Systems Can Result in up to 95% Power Savings and Significantly Reduce Carbon Footprint

Los Angeles, CA – March 26, 2024 – Varnish Software, in partnership with Intel, has announced a significant milestone in content delivery network (CDN) efficiency, modeling out energy cost savings and greenhouse gas reduction. The findings show how optimal software performance and the resultant energy efficiency delivers significant impact when compared to legacy infrastructure over a representative hardware lifecycle.

As demand for high-quality video content and immersive experiences surges, delivering content at scale without sacrificing speed or sustainability has become crucial. In 2023, Varnish Software, Intel, and Supermicro showcased unprecedented content delivery performance and efficiency—achieving 1.3 Tbps/server and 1.18 Gbps/Watt. The partnership has now advanced their technical collaboration further.

The latest project between Varnish Software and Intel aimed to enhance energy efficiency in content delivery. It tested server configurations from Intel Xeon D to dual-socket Platinum servers across realistic streaming scenarios. These tests, utilizing stock Varnish Enterprise software on standard operating systems without hardware acceleration, spanned a broad spectrum of performance levels and power budgets, all with commercially available server platforms from SuperMicro with various Xeon Scalable and Xeon D processors families.

The benchmarks revealed significant power, energy cost, and carbon footprint reductions over five years compared to older systems. Impressively, by moving to higher throughput and energy efficient servers, power savings and carbon footprint reductions of up to 95% were benchmarked. This achievement was made possible by Varnish Enterprise’s advanced features like synchronous direct I/O, NUMA awareness, and in-process TLS, ensuring peak performance.

Frank Miller, CTO of Varnish Software, remarked, "We've shown that sustainable, large-scale content delivery is achievable without specialized, costly equipment. This breakthrough underscores our dedication to innovation and serving the digital content providers' evolving needs and driving down TCO.”

This advancement offers content providers a scalable, efficient solution for supporting extensive live streaming events and ensuring an impeccable viewing experience on all devices. It paves the way for more immersive, accessible, and energy-efficient digital experiences. Particularly relevant for telecommunications companies, network operators, and streaming services, these findings demonstrate that the right combination of hardware and software can significantly reduce energy and costs while accommodating the rising demand for content delivery services.

To learn more about these latest benchmarks, download the white paper or request a meeting with Varnish Software at NAB Show in Vegas. 


About Varnish Software:

Varnish Software is at the forefront of high-performance web and content delivery solutions, offering Varnish Enterprise as its flagship product. Varnish Enterprise is designed to meet the complex needs of large-scale, mission-critical deployments, providing unparalleled speed, scalability, and reliability for digital content delivery. 

This advanced caching technology is essential for businesses dealing with massive volumes of web traffic and demanding online content distribution. It excels in various use cases, including streaming media, content-rich websites, e-commerce platforms, and DevOps workflows, ensuring seamless user experiences even during peak demand. Globally recognized for its robust and adaptable architecture, Varnish Software empowers enterprises to maximize web performance, reduce server load, and achieve operational efficiency, driving forward the modern digital economy.

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