Varnish Software Unveils Varnish Controller 6 and Official Helm Chart, Pioneering Next-Level Performance and Control in Web Acceleration Solutions

Los Angeles, CA –  March 12, 2024 – Varnish Software, the leading provider of advanced content delivery solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of two new releases: Varnish Controller 6 and the Official Varnish Enterprise Helm Chart. These innovative offerings mark a significant leap forward in empowering businesses to achieve unparalleled performance, scalability, and control in their content distribution strategies.

Varnish Controller 6 represents the latest evolution in Varnish Software's commitment to simplifying and optimizing content delivery management. This powerful platform equips organizations with advanced tools for configuring and monitoring Varnish deployments effortlessly. With enhanced visibility, intuitive controls, and streamlined workflows, Varnish Controller 6 empowers users to unlock the full potential of Varnish's caching capabilities while ensuring seamless integration into their existing infrastructure.

Alongside Varnish Controller 6, Varnish Software is proud to unveil the availability of the Official Helm Chart, providing users with a standardized and reliable method for deploying Varnish Enterprise in Kubernetes environments. Built upon best practices and industry standards, the Official Helm Chart simplifies the deployment process, accelerates time to value, and ensures consistency across deployments. This integration streamlines the adoption of Varnish Enterprise, enabling organizations to leverage its powerful caching capabilities within their Kubernetes infrastructure seamlessly.

"The Official Helm Chart represents a significant milestone in our mission to make Varnish Enterprise more accessible and adaptable to modern cloud-native environments," said Frank Miller, CTO of Varnish Software. "By offering a certified and officially supported deployment method, we aim to empower users to harness the full potential of Varnish's performance and scalability in Kubernetes with confidence and ease."

Varnish Software will be demoing their latest content delivery solutions, and how to deliver responsive and resilient digital experiences from origin to edge, live at NAB 2024. Schedule a meeting with Varnish Software at their booth - West Hall #W3309 - to learn more.


About Varnish Software:

Varnish Software is at the forefront of high-performance web and content delivery solutions, offering Varnish Enterprise as its flagship product. Varnish Enterprise is designed to meet the complex needs of large-scale, mission-critical deployments, providing unparalleled speed, scalability, and reliability for digital content delivery. 

This advanced caching technology is essential for businesses dealing with massive volumes of web traffic and demanding online content distribution. It excels in various use cases, including streaming media, content-rich websites, e-commerce platforms, and DevOps workflows, ensuring seamless user experiences even during peak demand. Globally recognized for its robust and adaptable architecture, Varnish Software empowers enterprises to maximize web performance, reduce server load, and achieve operational efficiency, driving forward the modern digital economy.

Varnish Software has offices in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Stockholm, Oslo, Karlstad, Düsseldorf and Paris.


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