Varnish Software’s Security Package Helps Customers Secure Content Delivery Initiatives

Varnish’s solutions offer customers elevated security protocols that can be customized to their needs


LOS ANGELES, CA – June 10, 2020 – Varnish Software, a pioneer in high-performance content delivery, provides a customizable security package for customers that is built on security-by-design principles to provide increased security measures to combat known threats and unknown vulnerabilities. These solutions employ defensive coding practices, secure design, and maintenance of cache integrity as well as the flexibility that enables organizations to develop their own security measures, including access control, authorization, and authentication features.

Conducting business online means facing increased security challenges. However, with the right security measures in place, businesses can mitigate some of the risks involved. With ongoing risk assessment, developing a security-first strategy, and continually tightening up and building on the security measures customers have in place, Varnish is able to deliver increased security without impacting performance or scalability. 

“As businesses have moved primarily online, an attack or security issue is inevitable so all measures must be taken to safeguard business activity and traffic,” said Lars Larsson, CEO of Varnish Software. “Our platform is built to enhance security while improving performance so customers don’t have to face a trade-off.”

Varnish alleviates the multi-faceted and fast-changing pace of staying secure with its security-oriented design and specific features, such as TLS/SSL integration, total encryption and web application firewall (WAF) [LINK TO BE ADDED], along with solutions it is programmed within. Varnish Configuration Language (VCL)™, for example, helps customers quickly and easily implement security policies in Varnish. Varnish modules (VMODs) also use flexible VCL to, for example, enable other monitoring methods, such as vmod-bodyaccess, to help identify potentially dangerous traffic, and vmod-vsthrottle, to slow incoming requests when suspicious activity is detected. VMODs provide customers with more control over how and when they detect traffic patterns to easily pinpoint malicious attacks and effectively take action.

Benefits of Varnish’s solutions:

Varnish TLS/SSL™: There is always some point in the data transport journey at which either the receiver or sender loses control of the data. This is why data traffic is encrypted with TLS/SSL to prevent any interlopers from accessing data being exchanged, such as personal, login, and financial information. Varnish provides front and backend and client-side TLS/SSL.

Varnish Total Encryption™: This provides total cache encryption and allows customers to flexibly control their own cache encryption. Each item in the cache is encrypted with its own, unique AES256 encryption key. Total encryption is more than just a way to make cache unreadable to unwanted eyes as it prevents an entire class of cache vulnerability: the cache leak.

Varnish WAF™: WAF lets customers inspect HTTP traffic and detect malicious requests at the edge of their network before they reach web applications. This prevents code injections and malicious clients by protecting customers’ origin servers. WAF works as an overall security perimeter defense as a part of a larger security strategy. Implemented as a VMOD, WAF allows customers to set their own security rules in line with accepted industry standards.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to security so Varnish’s solutions offer customers increased customization and control to set and adjust solutions based on their needs.


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