Varnish Software customer reference program

You know the expression “win-win situation,” right? At Varnish Software we believe that an effective customer reference program is exactly that. We’re firm believers in the value of collaboration, and our software improves constantly as a direct result of both addressing customer challenges and pain points as well as from the creativity of customer ideas and suggestions. We deliver a better product, which solves your challenges. This is one part of the win-win.

The other win is sharing our mutual success with a wider audience. When you illustrate your journey from challenge to solution, you give Varnish Software the opportunity to show real-world results to potential clients and help influence their decisions. By the same token, you get the chance to highlight your success and publicize your own creativity and thought leadership. In many cases, we will add a third win to the equation when future clients bene t from learning about your experiences.

If it’s a “win” for me, what does that really mean?

The primary win for Varnish Software’s customer program participants is exposure for their successes. Companies communicate everything from financial results to product launches, from new deals to industry awards. But strategic IT investment and success are often overlooked, despite the fact that they contribute to highly visible results, such as cost savings/ROI, environmental impact, company reputation and recruitment/employer branding. Associating your company name or brand with technical acuity and forward-looking technology investments implies better outcomes and user experiences for your customers.

Taking part in Varnish Software’s customer reference program can help you formalize and share your experience, knowledge, thought leadership and success stories with a broader audience, whether that is your prospective customers, industry media or analysts.

What does participation entail?

  • Case studies and success stories
    Varnish Software’s professional tech writer will interview you to learn about your challenges and success. We will draft a short success story or case study for publication on our website and blog.
  • Customer interviews/testimonials/quotes
    We will interview you (video or audio) to capture your account of how you came to use Varnish Software and how it solved your challenges.
  • Peer-to-peer conversations
    If you agree to participate in peer-to-peer conversations, you will speak directly to prospective customers about how you deployed our solutions and benefited from our expert support. These calls are a private way to share your Varnish Software reference.
  • White papers
    Our technical white papers are developed by Varnish Software or third parties, such as industry analysts. You can participate by simply providing a testimonial or being a part of an in-depth technical case study.
  • Press releases/opportunities
    We work with reference customers to develop press releases that explain why you chose Varnish Software and the benefits of your successful deployment of our solutions. We can also arrange interviews with the press and industry analysts to showcase your success.
  • Guest speaking opportunities
    Every year we host a worldwide series of events for customers, prospective customers and partners. At these events some of the most popular talks are those where our customers share their experiences and success stories about using Varnish. We also submit a number of abstracts for industry conferences. If you are interested in sharing your experiences with your peers, this is a great opportunity for further strengthening both your company’s brand as well as your personal brand.
  • Awards
    We nominate customers for industry-related award programs for outstanding thought leadership in their respective business sectors.

What should I expect?

Being a Varnish Software reference customer is simple.

  • You sign an agreement to join our customer reference program.
  • We go through a 30-minute introductory call to gather the basic details about your use of our products and how they have helped your company.
  • When opportunities surface that you have expressed interest in participating in, our marketing team will email you. If you are interested in participating, we will schedule the relevant activity based on your availability.

How do I get started?

If you are ready to join the Varnish Software customer reference program or would just like to get more information, please contact us:

Email: Jonatan Lindgren (
Phone: +44 20 3950 6173

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