At Varnish Software we have a strong channel focus and 100 percent commitment to our partners' success. Our Partner Program offers you a unique opportunity to differentiate your business by leveraging our offering.


VASS is an IT consulting firm focused in new technologies and offers to its clients cutting-edge specialized services combined with a high level of innovation.

Kanban provides engineering solutions to pervasive and increasingly complex marketing and e-business problems. The Kanban team specializes in software integration and implementation—both commercial and open-source.


ConnectLab helps customers to unlock the potential of new digital business models driven by the economics of connections through the design of the business processes,information-sharing strategies and the application of cutting edge technologies.



MGT-Commerce helps Magento shops reach their full potential by providing managed cloud hosting on top of Amazon Web Services. Their high-end turnkey solution includes fully managed migration as well as all setups and configurations on AWS. The company is based in Berlin yet acting on a global scale. MGT-Commerce’s determined team of cloud engineers delivers client-specific service using customised software. The business offers a unique Varnish Plus integration as a vital component of their high performance stack for outstanding results.

FullTechnology, part of FullSix, is a leading interactive and technology player in Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa regions that design, build and executes software

Allenta Consulting specialises in the design and administration of Linux and Unix systems infrastructure.


Spearhead provides unique services and technologies to help people and businesses of all sizes get things done using open source technology. The company is a modern IT services company specialising in IT infrastructure monitoring, security, cloud computing and high-performance computing. With a focus on high-performance, they deliver results for some of the most demanding individuals and companies around; Varnish Plus is an important ingredient for delivering these results.

Jasmine Conseil helps customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their IT projects. We leverage our team's expertise to help our clients get optimal results from their strategic IT initiatives ranging from mobile, web development and web performance to SOA, APIs integration, development frameworks, JEE and Java applications. Via our partnership with Varnish Software, we can help our clients deliver their digital content fast, securely and seamlessly and future-proof their digital content strategies.

RedPill Linpro is the leading provider of Professional Open Source services and products in the Nordic region.


Netcentric is an Advanced Varnish Integration partner. It is a young, competitive service provider with a passion for cutting- edge web technologies.


Zenika specializes in computer architecture and Agile methods with a focus in three areas: consulting, realization and training. Zenika covers a wide range of areas such as Java, BigData, Web, Mobility, IoT, DevOps, Craftsmanship, as well as the agility and transformation of organizations. Headquartered in Paris, the group has offices and training centers across France and in Singapore.


cedexis logo

Varnish Software and Cedexis have partnered to create Varnish Extend, a pre-packaged offering that bundles Varnish Software’s best-in-class caching software, a Global Traffic Management service powered by Cedexis, a proven blueprint, and support. Cedexis provides web-scale, end-user- experience monitoring and real-time traffic routing across multiple clouds and networks and crowd sources billions of real user measurements (RUM) a day from a community of 1,000s of popular websites and mobile apps.

Device Atlas, Device Detection in Varnish.

At Varnish Software we strongly believe in having a vital ecosystem of partners that have great local knowledge of our customers needs, their different businesses and processes.