Varnish Now Supports SSL/TLS

NEW YORK and OSLO, NORWAY – June 1, 2015 – Varnish Software announced today that its Varnish enterprise offering now supports full SSL/TLS transport on both the HTTP backend and client side. This means that Varnish allows customers to improve their website security without having to rely on third-party solutions. As a consequence, customers can simplify their web architectures and ultimately save time and money.

By enabling SSL/TLS in Varnish, customers will enable encrypted and secure communication on both the front and backend as Varnish acts as both HTTP server and client. On the client side, the HTTP server intercepts web requests before they reach a web server. The SSL/TLS support on this side enables traffic encryption between the client and Varnish.

On the backend, the HTTP client fetches content missing in the cache from the web server. This enables content to be fetched over the encrypted SSL/TLS, which particularly benefits customers who run a fully encrypted data center or have web servers that reside in a different location to their Varnish servers.

“We have seen considerable market demand for SSL/TLS from the most advanced Varnish users,” commented Per Buer, CTO and founder, Varnish Software. “Until now our customers had to rely on third-party products for SSL/TLS. With the new SSL/TLS support they can get access to a highly performant SSL/TLS server bundled with Varnish.”


Varnish Software will present its SSL/TLS solution for the first time on June 2nd at the Varnish Summit in Silicon Valley, then at the June 4th Varnish Summit in New York City, both themed “Scaling the Heights.”

SSL/TLS support is currently only available for Varnish subscribers. For more information please contact Varnish Software.

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