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Varnish API Engine

Varnish API Engine is a solution that allows you to manage more than 23,000 API requests per second through a central point. If speed, performance, scalability, and stability are key requirements for your API strategy you should give it a try.


What is the Varnish API Engine?

Varnish API Engine, is a lightweight, fast and easy-to-use API gateway,  enabling fine-grained access controls to APIs for flexibility and increased API capacity. With the Varnish API Engine, you can manage more than 20,000 API requests per second and set clear traffic management rules, such as authentication, authorization, metering, throttling and caching through a central access point.

What are the features?

Built for future-oriented performance

Built specifically for high-traffic, high-volume, dynamic content of IoT and globally distributed web applications, Varnish API Engine delivers a competitive edge in speed, performance, and stability. The API Engine provides performance orders of magnitude better than competing solutions


Varnish API Engine allows you to authenticate the clients requesting access to your APIs through a variety of different authentication mechanisms.


You will be able to grant access to specific APIs or API calls to individual consumers or groups of consumers.


Tracking nearly every metric you may want about your APIs gives you valuable usage statistics.


Through throttling, you can prevent external hacking and abuse of your APIs by placing hard limits on access. You can limit the number of API calls from specific clients. Throttling also lets you limit total usage towards a specific API in order to guarantee its performance.


Varnish API Engine includes support for SSL/TLS. Our SSL/TLS proxy is tightly integrated with Varnish Cache Plus and encrypts communication on both the server and client ends.


You can cache read-only API calls to reduce call overload. This will significantly increase the performance of the applicable API calls, and builds on the best in class cache performance of Varnish Cache Plus.

Varnish API Engine benefits

Improved performance: Take advantage of industry-leading API call per second performance and volume handling, at least 20,000 APIs calls per second per node.

Improved access control: Easily create user groups and define access roles to better monetize and safeguard access to data and services through APIs.

Improved graphical Interface: Create greater accessibility for all types of Varnish API Engine users.

Who should use Varnish API Engine?

Varnish API Engine is a platform designed for those responsible for managing a bulk of ever growing API endpoints. Organizations seeking an easy-to-use API management tool that far surpasses alternatives
on the market today will be well-served by Varnish API Engine. A Varnish API Engine subscription comes with the
dedicated support services of professionals who have built and tested the API Engine from the beginning.

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