Varnish SSL/TLS support

Varnish SSL/TLS support acknowledges the growing importance of transport security.

Varnish, an HTTP server and an HTTP client, offers SSL/TLS support on both the server and client ends. The SSL/TLS proxy is tightly integrated with Varnish and helps improve website security by encrypting communication without relying on third-party solutions. We have integrated SSL/TLS support in two places: one, the most obvious and significant, as client-facing TLS; the other, on the backend – all to make one modern, minimalistic and fast TLS proxy.

Varnish SSL/TLS features

  • Client-side SSL/TLS: Hitch TLS has event-driven architecture. Recommended setup would enable Hitch TLS to handle around 3,000 TLS protocol negotiations per second.
  • Backend SSL/TLS: Many companies require their inter-machine connections to be TLS connections. Use of Varnish within CDNs is increasing; these long-haul connections often go through the public internet and could require and benefit from encryption.

Varnish SSL/TLS support benefits

  • Web traffic transport security on both client and backend sides
  • Varnish SSL/TLS integration means one less third-party solution, one less product to maintain

Why is Varnish SSL/TLS important?

If your website or application is business critical – chances are, data encryption and security are equally important to your business. Enabling a caching solution that has tightly integrated TLS/SSL support helps to mitigate the risks posed by sending data over the internet. There are plenty of security threats and an increasing level of sophistication behind security exploits. Implementing a security policy and putting solutions into place that support secure data transport but do not stand in the way of your business goals or hinder the performance and speed of your web transactions will go a long way toward thwarting threats.  



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