Varnish Web Application Firewall

The Varnish Web Application Firewall (WAF) lets you inspect your HTTP traffic and detect malicious requests at the edge before they reach your web application.

The Varnish WAF

Set your own security rules, ModSecurity style. Implementing the Varnish WAF keeps your backend safe from predatory traffic, helping you prevent code injections, such as SQL injections as well as other potential attacks stemming from web application security flaws. The unique flexibility of VCL is what gives the Varnish WAF its power, allowing you to determine and control your own WAF security rules.


  • Implemented as a VMOD and configurable in VCL, Varnish WAF gives you near-endless flexibility for setting and adjusting your own WAF security logic
  • Based on ModSecurity, which provides signature-based, real-time HTTP request and response analysis
  • Allows you to protect your origin not only from heavy traffic but also from malicious requests.

Who should use the Varnish WAF?

  • Organizations using legacy web applications that cannot be upgraded
  • Businesses using CMSes of all sizes and types, including the world’s most popular systems, such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal
  • All security-aware organizations wanting the flexibility to set their own web application security rules.


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