Varnish Administration Console

Providing technical understanding as well as a high level overview of benefits, the VAC Whitepaper contains all you need to get started. Topics include: Real time statistics, Varnish Cache group configuration management, cache invalidation issuing, and code snippets and patterns/best practices. All material is supplemented with use case scripts for those who want to dig a little deeper.

Varnish Cache

This whitepaper describes how Varnish Cache is built and why we believe it is the best web application acceleration platform available today. It explains the major features of Varnish, how they are built and how you can utilize Varnish to accelerate your web applications.

The Varnish Paywall

This whitepaper outlines the different rules for access that can be placed on content with the Varnish Paywall, how integration with the various other systems can be implemented, how subscribed and regular users alike can access content very fast after you've implemented the Varnish Paywall and what pitfalls should be avoided when implementing it.

Varnish Cache Security

The document is split in to three parts. The first section describes how Varnish is designed to be a completely secure application, and explains how Varnish has achieved its excellent security track record. The second part is an interview with the CTO of Sentia BV, decribing how they used Varnish to fend off a distributed denial of service attack hitting one of their customers. The third part describes Security.vcl - a VCL security addon that will help you block out common attack patterns.

HTTP Streaming with Varnish

The whitepaper describes streaming of video or audio over HTTP. Varnish Software has been working with some of the worlds leading companies to turn Varnish into an efficient product for distributing video over the web.

The High Cost of Poor Web Performance

This document covers the causes and related risks of running a website that is not performing optimally. It will also help you understand whether an open source or subscription version of Varnish Cache is best suited to help you enhance your web performance.