Zipnish is an open source tool for microservices performance

It’s not only websites that need speed and performance boosts, but traditionally it has been difficult to gain insight into how efficient services are, or where latency is occurring within distributed architectures, such as microservices. That’s where Zipnish can help. An open source tool for microservices performance tracking, Zipnish eliminates this difficulty.

Built with Varnish, Zipnish tracks performance and helps resolve latency issues in your microservices architecture and provides insight into the status of each microservice component no matter the development and deployment architecture.

Features and benefits

  • is architecture-agnostic and open source, offering an easy way to track the performance of individual microservices across different architectures
  • helps you quickly identify and solve performance issues within your microservices architecture
  • delivers insights into overall microservice performance
  • monitors performance across architectures with no need for multiple different, sometimes proprietary, tools

Who should use Zipnish?

Microservices are everywhere, and as they proliferate and become more complex, anyone developing and deploying them can benefit from an open source, architecture-agnostic tool that helps identify and solve performance problems.

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