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Web & mobile performance

Don’t Let Poor Website Performance Impact Your Bottom Line This Holiday Season

Learn the issues keeping digital commerce sites from exceeding their online sales goals and what you can do to make sure your site is optimized for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Site For Black Friday and Increase Revenue

In this webinar we’ll cover how to analyze & improve your website’s Core Web Vitals & capture more revenue on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond.

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How to Improve Core Web Vitals with Varnish Caching

In this webinar we explore how to improve your Lighthouse score to 100 in under an hour, without touching your website's code.

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3 simple steps to optimize delivery to mobile with Varnish

Success in the digital economy hinges on many ingredients but there is one you can’t afford to miss: mobile performance. This webinar will help you use Varnish to optimize your content delivery to mobile and enhance the user experience.

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Preparing your Website for the Google Page Experience Update

The new Google update prioritizes site speed and user experience. Learn how to use Varnish Enterprise to improve your SEO and increase your page rank during the Google Page Experience update.

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Shop without Dropping: How to Power your e-Commerce Platform

Consumers expect their online shopping to be responsive at all times. Caching content is crucial for stability, but it’s also important to provide live updates to stock levels and shopping carts.

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Caching the uncacheable with Varnish E-Commerce Accelerator

Every e-commerce site faces the same problem: not being able to cache personalized content, causing site performance and user experience to suffer. Magento specifically has been widely accepted as uncacheable. That is, until we built Varnish E-Commerce Accelerator.

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4 ways to increase your web & mobile performance

Everyone wants a faster web content delivery experience. Find out how Varnish can help you overcome latency, work your edge and deliver a personalized experience at scale while delivering content fast on any device.

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How to optimize your e-commerce website for online shoppers & conversion

E-commerce or not, having your website ready to face expected (and unexpected) traffic is essential. Learn how Varnish can optimize personalized content delivery to mobile and desktop and significantly enhance the user experience.

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Moving your Varnish infrastructure to the cloud

Get an introduction and step-by-step guidance on how to migrate your Varnish Cache infrastructure to AWS, what the differences are between Varnish Cache cloud and open-source, how to add or remove instances, S3 and authentication, and more.

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German: Captivate and Inspire Customers - Media Companies in the Digital Transformation

Learn more about web caching strategies from Varnish experts and leading companies, and learn from real-world examples how you can ensure that your content reaches every customer quickly, regardless of the circumstances.

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Caching webinars

Top 10 Dos & Don'ts When Caching with Varnish Software

Sometimes standing between your website and high performance are common caching mistakes. In this webinar, you can learn about the 10 Top dos and don'ts when caching with Varnish and how you can avoid (or fix) them to optimize your Varnish use and ensure your web performance.

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Comment Boursorama utilise Varnish Cache pour Permettre des mises à jour Continues des données en temps réel à grande échelle

Boursorama est un pionnier et un leader du courtage en ligne, de l'information financière et de la banque en ligne en France depuis plus de deux décennies. Depuis leur création en 1995, ils n'ont cessé d'innover pour garantir un accès sécurisé et fiable à des informations en constante évolution telles que les prix du marché, les transactions en ligne et l'état des comptes.

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Edge computing - when to use it and why?

This webinar is co-hosted with RedMonk and allows you to better understand edge computing and edge logic and how you can better control your content delivery down to the most granular details.

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How to make your cache infrastructure GDPR compliant

Encrypting your cache can ensure that even if you experience data leaks, any potential damage is prevented. Hear about GDPR's security requirements and how Varnish Total Encryption for cache security can help you become compliant.

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Cache invalidation from a single entry point

No matter how distributed your architecture is or how many servers you are using, content needs to be invalidated at some point. That's where Varnish Broadcaster enters the picture, as it replicates requests to multiple Varnish caches from a single entry point.

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Content delivery & streaming

How to Architect a High Performance Multi-CDN that Never Fails

In this webinar, you'll learn how to reduce latency, protect your origin, and architect a high-performance multi-CDN.

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Delivering up to 500 Gbps Throughput for Next-Gen CDNs

Listen to Intel and Varnish Software as we talk about our world-leading CDN performance benchmarks and set the stage for the future of video delivery.

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When CDNs Fail: Staying Online With An Origin Shield

As a caching layer between your servers and CDN, an origin shield also protects against the traffic impact of revalidating CDN nodes. Find out how this can save you in an outage to ensure you can keep reaching your audience.

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The Future of Streaming Technologies: The Next 5 Years

What will the next five years look like for OTT products and tech stacks? Watch on demand for insights on technological transformation, business strategies and consumer habits.

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Building next-gen CDNs for tomorrow’s critical streaming workloads

To keep pace with growing demand for streamed content, CDNs need higher throughput. This webinar discusses how Intel and Varnish Software are bridging this capacity gap with a commercially-available CDN configuration that reaches near wire-rate throughput for video-on-demand use cases.

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From Clusters to CDNs: Multi-tenancy Deployments Made Easy with Varnish Controller

Get a look at the Varnish Controller in action and how it can be used to easily deploy and managed customized Private CDN in no time.

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How to Build a Cloud-Native CDN and Bring Scalability to the Edge

In this webinar, Intel, Varnish Software and VMware focus on the challenges of building scalable telco CDNs, and provide insight into media CDN opportunities, technical requirements and the market landscape.

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Varnish Talks: Traffic rerouting strategy, scaling, and memory

In this second episode of our talk with CacheFly on multi-CDNs, we dive into caching, test objects and traffic rerouting; what happens when major software updates or new gaming versions are released, and how internet traffic peaks are handled.

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Considerations When Deploying A Hybrid and Multi-CDN Strategy

Commercial CDNs provide a lot of the stability that large broadcasters, publishers and OTT platforms require for streaming live and on-demand. But they don’t always allow for the customization, cost control, scalability, and flexibility.

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How to Build Your Own CDN in Under 1 Hour with Varnish Software

When you’re working with pre-built components, setting up your own CDN is much easier and faster than you might think, especially when there is a team of content delivery experts to guide you through the process.

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Varnish Talks: A chat about Multi-CDNs with CacheFly

Like many organizations, you probably use commercial content delivery networks (CDNs) to manage traffic flows, deliver content to your users faster, and ensure uptime.

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Comment déployer son propre CDN en moins d’une heure

Quand vous travaillez avec des composants prêt à être utilisé, configurer votre propre CDN est plus facile et rapide que vous ne le pensez, plus particulièrement quand il y a une équipe d'experts CDN pour vous guider.

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Ending internet gridlock by increasing streaming performance and reach

The internet is straining under the weight of unprecedented demand for media streaming, remote working and distance learning services. Watch our webinar Watch our webinar on ending internet gridlock by increasing streaming performance and reach.

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Pushing the Boundaries of Performance with In-process TLS in Varnish

With native TLS in Varnish, it's possible to reach speeds of up to 150Gbps from a single, off-the-shelf server. Read more and watch the on demand webinar to see how Varnish’s new in-process TLS pushes boundaries of performance.

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Reduce CDN operating costs with Varnish Private CDN

Varnish Private CDN helps enterprises control costs using pre-built, pre-optimized origin protection and edge-caching components. When added to existing CDN setups it can handle bulk traffic while protecting servers, to reduce costs and improve resilience of content like VoD and OTT video.

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Build your own CDN in 5 simple steps

In five easy steps, you can have a private CDN up and running, which can be deployed to augment your commercial CDN or to replace it entirely. Learn more about each of these steps, as well as the technical details.

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Live Streaming and OTT with Varnish

Streaming video accounts for over two-thirds of all internet traffic. It goes without saying that viewers want to access videos immediately without having to wait, hence creating the challenge of avoiding high latency for a global audience with a content origin located far away.

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Edgestash: content rendering at the edge

When delivering content to mobile it can become a real problem that the fetching and rendering process needed for a simple page delivery takes anywhere from a few seconds to tens of seconds. Edgestash moves this burden to the outer limit of your architecture with the page-assembly logic happening at the edge (server side).

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6 secrets to successful live streaming

Is your website ready to stay in the game? Varnish Streaming Server takes care of streaming video delivery and ensures the best streaming experience for your users, while also coordinating video stream delivery with top commercial CDNs.

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Varnish solutions: Features

Attain Actionable Insights with Varnish Controller 5.0

Controller 5.0 offers significant expansions to its functionality and customizability, as well as brand new features in the form of CDN mapping and Private Agents.

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Announcing Controller 3.0 and Traffic Router: The Future of Private CDNs

Learn from Varnish experts as we demo how Controller 3.0 and Traffic Router give you the power to manage a private CDN from a single dashboard.

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10 tricks for getting the most out of Varnish

Discover ten essential Varnish features you may not know about, that all ensure your cache stays fast, secure and stable.

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Varnish 6 By Example Virtual Book Launch

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Varnish user, this webinar will teach you how to use the new Varnish book to level up your skills.

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Understanding Varnish Logging and Intelligence

Learn how Varnish logs give you insight into your content delivery, caching performance and user base, helping you to discover new trends in your network.

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Securing Content at Speed with Varnish Enterprise

Do you want to deliver content quickly across your web services during high demand, without overloading web infrastructure or compromising on security? Watch this webinar to see how Varnish accelerates all content delivery while protecting critical infrastructures.

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WAF: Protection that Performs

Are you properly set up to inspect your HTTP traffic and detect malicious requests at the edge before they reach your web application? Learn how the Varnish WAF is an ideal protective measure for virtually any web application.

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Streaming terabytes of content with Varnish

Manage multi-terabyte data sets in your Varnish caching layer with MSE3 and persist them across sessions.

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3 ways high availability improves performance

Using Varnish High Availability (VHA) ensures that cached objects are replicated between caches when first fetched, resulting in higher performance and providing relief to your backend.

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Ask me anything on authentication & authorization

Varnish can be used in numerous ways for authentication & authorisation, for example to handle JWT or HMAC, or to serve cached content to authenticated users.

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Getting the most out of Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS)

Retrieving real-time data offers unparalleled opportunities to enhance and optimize your web performance and gain insight into what users are doing with your content. Watch our webinar to see how VCS can help you take action on these insights in real time.

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Five keys to massive data handling

Learn how Varnish can be used to take control of massive data challenges.

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Massive Storage Engine & High Availability

Varnish Massive Storage Engine and Varnish High Availability are two solutions enabling performance and scalability.

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