About us

About us

At Varnish Software our primary objective is to enhance and speed up websites so that they'll take off and fly! Our main tool for doing this is Varnish Cache, our open source web accelerator and our primary product Varnish Plus.

Our developers wrote Varnish Cache. They know the software inside out and can, via a Varnish Plus subscription, provide you with round-the-clock support, give you access to Varnish Cache Plus, our proprietary enhanced version of Varnish Cache, and key tools to optimize the speed, scalability, efficiency and transparency of your website.

The Varnish Software team

We are proud of our team and our team is proud of Varnish. We are all passionate about web performance and we do everything in our power to make sure Varnish really gives our customers' online businesses a boost.

Meet some of the team

Our offices:

Gjerdrumsvei 12

0484 Oslo
+47 21-9892-60
Alpha House, 100 Borough High Street

London SE1 1LB
United Kingdom
+44 20-7060-9955
1562 First Ave
# 205-3109

New York, NY
+1 201-857-2832
Rosengartenstrasse 62

CH-8304 Wallisellen
Zürich, Switzerland
+41 43 233 03 41

Our stats:

  • %50%
    love playing

  • %63%
    have a Masters degree

  • %52%
    have kids

  • 36
    is our average age

  • 12
    different nationalities