Varnish Software Named Leader in Web Server Accelerator Category, Mid-Market CDN as well as ‘Momentum Leader’ in CDN, eCDN, and Web Server Accelerator Categories

Los Angeles, CA – October 13, 2022 – Varnish Software, a leader in web acceleration and content delivery solutions, has been named the #1 Web Server Accelerator Software by G2, the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace for business software, having been recognized for exceptional customer satisfaction for its robust features and capabilities, ease of use, unmatched customer support and more.

“Service providers require consistent and reliable speed and performance to deliver excellent web experiences for users, at scale,” said Adrian Herrera, CMO at Varnish Software. “That’s why Varnish continues to innovate, adapt and help drive the industry forward. Varnish’s powerful yet easy-to-use solutions make improving site speed, fortifying security and reducing costs simple and immediate, and will support new and emerging use cases well into the future. We are honored to be recognized as a Leader in Web Acceleration from the G2 community.”

Additionally, Varnish Software was recognized as a ‘Mid-Market Leader’ in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) category, and as a ‘Momentum Leader’ in the Content Delivery Network, Enterprise Content Delivery Network, and Web Sever Accelerator categories, indicating high performance scores and growth trajectory.

Ideal for ensuring flawless web experiences amidst the demands of increasingly data-heavy content, Varnish Software’s growing portfolio of caching and content delivery solutions address the most pertinent challenges related to video streaming, CDN and website acceleration.

The company continues to innovate with new technology and solutions, such Varnish Enterprise 6, Varnish Edge Cloud and the new Varnish Traffic Router, which provide unmatched performance, robustness and flexibility for staying competitive at scale.

Over 20% of the world’s top websites use Varnish Software’s caching and CDN solutions. Customers who have deployed Varnish – including Hulu, Tesla, Sling, CBC, Nikon, Sky and Zype – have experienced significant results, including:

  • Reduced capital and operating expenses by 30%
  • Reduced latency by 80%
  • Increased object delivery speed by 10-100x times faster
  • Increased cache hit ratios by as much as 50-90%

G2 puts together quarterly reports that rank top software platforms based on scores derived from real user review data and other market intelligence. To read more about Varnish Software’s G2 rankings and reviews, visit the Varnish Software G2 profile.


About Varnish Software 

Varnish Software is the leading caching, streaming and content delivery software stack. Our software helps content providers of any size deliver lightning-fast, reliable, and high quality web and streaming experiences for huge audiences. With over 10 million deployments, our technology is relied on by millions of websites Worldwide across every industry including Hulu, Emirates, and Tesla.

Varnish Software has offices in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Stockholm, Oslo, Düsseldorf, and Paris.


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