Varnish Edge Cloud

The 5G-ready vCDN powering
the future of content distribution.

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Varnish Edge Cloud: the mobile edge, wherever you need it

Varnish Edge Cloud is a 5G-ready virtualized CDN solution that helps network operators build services to harness the power of 5G and the mobile edge. It is highly scalable MEC caching software that delivers ultra-low latency, high capacity, optimized resource utilization and reduced backhaul.

Varnish Edge Cloud:
How it works


Varnish Edge Cloud

Deploys to MEC environment, with flexible placement of virtualized edge caching components across:

  • Custom PoPs and edge servers
  • And between 5G base stations
  • Telco cloud data centers
  • Virtualized base stations

Also deploys to network aggregation sites and core network, on cloud, VM, container and
bare metal infrastructure.

5G / MEC content delivery
with Varnish Edge Cloud

Varnish Edge Cloud in action

Intel, Varnish and VMware in partnership

We’ve partnered with Intel and VMWare to spec out an implementation of Varnish Edge Cloud that sees it delivering ~200Gbps video content with high QoE from a single server in a virtualized environment.


Varnish Edge Cloud Brochure

Everything you need to know about how Varnish Edge Cloud unlocks the future of content distribution on 5G and MEC.

Varnish Edge Cloud:
new business, new markets,
new revenue

Demand for these new experiences means that now is the time for service providers to harness 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) and capture some of the vast new revenue and market share that awaits. A cloud-based, software-driven edge architecture that moves content to the edge will maximize raw performance, optimize resource utilization and avoid the slow core network.

Monetizing 5G and edge cloud technology

Video delivery

Streaming will make up 70% of mobile network trafficby 2022, according to IHS MarkitDigital Orbit, with serious revenue available to those who can deliver it.


If service providers can guarantee high QoE mobile streaming, a whole new market opens up for content publishers to reach with media and entertainment.


5G streaming means going beyond 4K, beyond 2D, and offering VR / AR / 360 video services to customers hungry to experience them.

Who is Varnish Edge Cloud for?

Varnish Edge Cloud helps network operators build services that harness the power of 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC) to provide ultra-low latency, high-quality delivery to huge audiences.

Network operators

  • Take control of content distribution on your own networks.
  • Create new business models with custom vCDNs.
  • Gain new customers and revenue from monetizing 5G/MEC technology.

Content publishers

  • More capacity and lower cost for content delivery, including 4k/8k/UHD.
  • New capabilities in content production e.g. 5G network slicing as part of guaranteed
  • QoS in high-value content production like sporting events.

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