Varnish Administration Course

Course format

This class is 60% theory and 40% labs. The course is held in English unless specifically stated otherwise. French, Norwegian and Swedish training is available on request. Training material is provided in English.

Who should attend

System administrators who use or are interested in using Varnish.


  • Basic command line knowledge on UNIX-like systems. 
  • Knowledge about HTTP cache headers
  • Regular expressions

Course summary

  • Introduction to the Varnish architecture and concepts
  • Installing and starting Varnish
  • Using the management administration console via command line and Varnish Administration Consol (VAC)
  • Advance VCL
  • Cache invalidation
  • Loadbalancing
  • Content replication with Varnish High Availability (VHA)
  • Understanding lifetime of cached objects: TTL, grace, and keep
  • Monitoring Varnish 
  • Tuning Varnish
  • Hashtwo (Varnish Software Implementation of Surrogate Keys)
  • Varnish Custom Statiscis (VCS)
  • Configuring Varnish to support SSL/TLS

Training starts at 09.00 AM both days.


Classroom training: €1500.

For enrollment please register here or contact us at
Our training team has held this course in the Americas, Asia and Europe. We can arrange training in most major cities.

Rules and regulations

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