Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Because Varnish Cache is the most critical component in your web infrastructure. Although the advantages of using Varnish Cache are obvious, this advanced technology with its many features, and almost endless extensibility, can be hard to master. It’s easier to get the most out of Varnish with some help. Varnish Software offers professional services related to Varnish Cache. Our subscription services provide you with timely support on any product related questions you might have and also gives you access to the highly skilled team of core developers of the Varnish Cache software.

We offer three different subscription plans designed to meet the needs of businesses of a variety of sizes and from different sectors:

  • Silver subscription - Standard open source support for Varnish as a cache platform.
  • Gold subscription - A specialised support package for more advanced use of Varnish and unlimited tickets.
  • Platinum subscription - All-in 24/7 support.

What differentiates the subscription plans is the number of support requests we will help your company resolve, the response time, the service availability, the Varnish tools that are included, etc. You can have a look at a more detailed overview of the price plan online and send an email to and we will help you find the right subscription plan for your business.

We deliver a comprehensive range of enterprise products and services to help you get the most out of your Varnish deployment. We can for instance help you optimize Varnish Cache and thereby further increase the response time on your website by up to 80%.

The key advantages are:

  • A Varnish Cache installation that is better tuned to meet your business needs.
  • Supported customization of Varnish Cache.
  • Higher web performance.
  • More scalability on your website.
  • Up to 24/7 availability of our Varnish expertise to help you solve potential issues or challenges.

It isn´t really. We provide services on top of Varnish, our open source software. We will help make sure your Varnish installation is optimally tuned to meet your web performance needs, now and as it evolves.

Yes. This service is provided to customers with a valid Varnish subscription. A subscription includes timely support on any product related questions you might have. It also gives you access to professional services such as training, consultancy, and feature development provided by our highly skilled team of Varnish Cache core developers.

Yes. We provide a Diagnostic Package for your Varnish setup. This is basically a review and analysis of some data we gather from your installation and give you advice on how to improve your performance. Please see our product description page for more details.

No. Neither the Varnish Administration Console (VAC) nor the Varnish Statistics Daemon (Vstatd) are sold as a stand-alone products and are available to our subscription customers only. Each of our Enterprise subscriptions include the VAC at no additional cost. The Vstatd is included in the Gold and Platinum subscription plans.

Up to three Varnish Cache servers on each of our standard subscription plans. The price per subscription will go up as the number of servers increases. Volume pricing is available for 10 or more servers. Contact for a quote for your Varnish installation.

Our developers are available during CET office hours and they will give an initial response to all requests within a maximum of four hours. The Platinum subscription plan guarantees a 24/7 service and a reponse to support requests within 2 hours.

Besides for French and Scandinavian languages training is held in English. Our material is English only, as well.

We provide on-site training courses on a continuous basis in Europe, the Americas and Asia. On-site training is provided in most big cities worldwide upon request. We also regularly schedule online sessions in different timezones.