Varnish Cache Plus

Varnish Cache Plus is a supercharged version of the popular open source HTTP engine/ reverse HTTP proxy, Varnish Cache.

Both the subscription and open source versions of Varnish speed up a website by caching (storing) a copy of a page served by your web server the first time a user visits your page. The next time a user requests the same page, the cache will serve the copy, lightning fast, instead of requesting the page from the web server again. Often the single most critical piece of software in a web-based business, Varnish delivers your web content 300% to 1000% faster, with a reduction of backend server load of up to 89% while handling unlimited numbers of simultaneous visitors, depending on your architecture.

Varnish is actively used in almost three million websites worldwide.

Varnish Cache Plus features

  • Performance enhancement: Your web servers will need to handle less traffic and your website’s performance and scalability will significantly improve.
  • Flexibility and freedom: Full flexibility with Varnish Configuration Language: Make your own rules!
  • Ease of extending functionality: Added functionality or integration with other services is easy with Varnish Modules (VMODs).
  • Content compression: In addition to enabling faster pages loads while consuming less bandwidth, compressing content dramatically increases the capacity of your cache.
  • SSL/TLS support: On both HTTP server and HTTP client side, communication and data are encrypted by our tightly integrated SSL/TLS proxy.
  • Software repository: Access to all VMODs tested and verified by our team of developers. Access to the repository makes it easier to upgrade and maintain your VMODs.

Varnish Cache Plus benefits

  • Speed: High speed and performance ensure a smooth user experience.
  • Scalability: No matter the number of users accessing your content, it scales – and if volume peaks and servers become unavailable, high availability will ensure that your last good update is available to visitors.
  • Security: SSL/TLS support to ensure data transport security.
  • Impact on bottom line: Once Varnish Cache Plus is optimized for your content delivery, you can reduce the number of web servers supporting your website by up to 89%, resulting in lower maintenance costs, a smaller carbon footprint and a quick ROI.
  • Improved user experience and customer conversion: Your customers value web speed and reliability. A faster more reliable website will have positive effects on your customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, conversion rates and revenue.

Who should use Varnish Cache Plus?

Many businesses are already using Varnish and seeing significant results in terms of speed and performance as well as reduced need for investment in server infrastructure. Where Varnish adds considerable advantage is in its “extras” – as a part of commercial Varnish offerings, there are many other modules to enhance performance, add a level of security, gain insight into website and cache performance, among other features.

Varnish is for all content providers who want fast, reliable and scalable performance, helping administrators deliver the best possible user experience for customers.


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