Varnish Software Integral to New VMware Virtual CDN Solution

New jointly developed solution offers more than 190Gbps edge capacity for faster media streaming

Stockholm, Sweden – October 21, 2020 – Varnish Software has partnered with Intel and VMWare to integrate its technology into a new virtualized content delivery network (vCDN) solution, VMWare Telco Cloud. The new, scalable and Capex friendly solution is a vCDN optimized for live media streaming and gaming, and offers more than 190Gbps network capacity on edge nodes.

The joint solution is aimed at telecoms service providers who want to build their own CDNs. Because they own the networks over which content like streaming video traffic is transmitted, this new approach has several advantages over traditional CDNs.

With exponential growth in content consumption, CDN providers are increasingly being challenged to deliver more content in higher resolution and with a better user experience, while also reducing their costs. Instead of building capacity for peak demand, a more cost-effective, agile approach is to use cloud-native and virtualization technologies to optimize infrastructure and assign resources as needed.

The vCDN leverages the benefits of Varnish’s Edge Cloud solution, with Varnish edge caching nodes offering high throughput as well as TLS termination at high speeds. Varnish also enables storage of 100TB+ at the edge, meaning huge content libraries can be located much closer to users. With the combination of Varnish Edge Cloud, VMware vSphere and NSX and 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the solution is proven to deliver ~200 Gbps video content with high quality of experience from a single server in a virtualized environment.

Lars Larsson, CEO, Varnish Software said: “This jointly engineered solution delivers a scalable CDN with higher performance, superior quality, lower costs, and more importantly the agility and manageability required to grow and operate in a fast-paced competitive market. Operators need to continue meeting the high expectations of consumers as content services become an even larger and more important revenue stream for them. In order to do that they need to rethink their network architectures, moving storage and caching to the outermost edge of the network.”

“Varnish’s expertise in this area and industry-leading high performance digital content distribution technology is integral to solving this challenge, and so we’re delighted to partner with Intel and VMware to help more customers future proof their networks,” Larsson added.

Combining Intel, Varnish and VMware technology allows service providers to:

  • Decouple software from hardware to enable service agility and economies of scale. 
  • Optimize hardware utilization by sharing hardware across different functions and scaling with demand.
  • Manage costs by decreasing OPEX with virtualized infrastructure and decreasing CAPEX on hardware that sits idle.
  • Scale elastically to handle dynamic, high volume demand.
  • Optimize for high throughput, low latency, smooth media delivery.

The solution is now available; more information about the solution can be found at: [link needed]


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Varnish Software’s powerful caching technology helps the world’s biggest content providers deliver lightning-fast web and streaming experiences for huge audiences, without downtime or loss of performance. Our solutions combine open-source flexibility with enterprise robustness to speed up media streaming services, accelerate websites and APIs, and enable global businesses to build custom CDNs, unlocking unbeatable content delivery performance and resilience. Our customers include Hulu, Emirates and Tesla, and our technology is powered by a caching layer that’s trusted by more than 10 million websites worldwide.

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