Intel, Varnish and VMware:
a joint vCDN solution

A scalable, powerful and cost-effective vCDN technology
stack for media streaming

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Scale easily for any demand

Bring cost-effective scalability at the edge to optimize resource utilization for high QoE at massive scale


Cut costs, stay agile

Decrease OPEX with virtualized infrastructure and CAPEX on hardware that sits idle


>190Gbps video on edge nodes

Get the benefits of virtualization with no performance downsides

Solving the challenges of telco content distribution

Instead of building capacity for peak demand, a more cost-effective, agile approach is to use cloud-native and virtualization technologies to optimize infrastructure and assign resources as needed.

By leveraging VMware vSphere and NSX, 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, and Varnish Edge Cloud edge caching software, the joint solution is proven to deliver ~200 Gbps video content with high QoE from a single server in a virtualized environment.

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Put the edge where you need it and meet low-latency and high bandwidth needs through a scalable and distributed edge architecture with high cache-hit ratios.

Manage costs by decreasing OPEX with virtualized infrastructure and decreasing CAPEX on hardware that sits idle. Plus, more agility for making changes to service delivery.
Optimized for high throughput, low latency, smooth media delivery. Deliver video from the edge, with >190Gbps from a single node and high speed TLS termination.
Virtualized edge caching resources scale on demand to optimize resource utilization for high Quality of Experience at massive scale, with minimized backhaul.

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Varnish Software and Intel

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