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Varnish Cloud

Varnish Cloud delivers the flexibility to scale your infrastructure up – or down – to handle more traffic with fewer resources while significantly improving your web performance and usability. Because it’s the cloud, you maintain full control of how much memory, storage and CPU you use, deploying Varnish Cloud resources when and as you need more capacity. Available on AWS, Azure and Google platforms.

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What is Varnish Cloud?

Varnish Cloud is designed for enterprises that want the performance and scalability of Varnish implemented on virtual servers. Varnish Cloud is a full version of the Varnish software suite that can be accessed via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace, Microsoft Azure platform or the Google Cloud platform.

Varnish Cloud delivers secure, high-powered and scalable internet operations at an affordable hourly fee. You can have Varnish Cloud up and running in a few minutes without hurdles, such as registering a repository, downloading software and installing it manually.

What are the main features of Varnish Cloud?

Varnish Cloud gives advanced users access to a unique set of modules that enable secure, high-powered and scalable internet operations.

High performance, low investment: Allows companies to run big Varnish installations affordably and securely while exceeding high requirements for digital scalability, speed, manageability, and support without investing in hardware infrastructure.

Use what you need: You provision and use only what you need via a web application.

Easy to get started: Offering simplicity and low barriers to entry, you can be up and running with Varnish Cloud and all its modules in minutes.

The full Varnish Software commercial experience: You get the full performance, scalability, high availability, custom statistics, TLS/SSL support and professional services/support that make the Varnish Software solutions as in-demand as they are.

Varnish Cloud benefits

Convenience, affordability & speed: Varnish Cloud makes the Varnish Software commercial experience available in minutes and delivers the same speed and performance you expect with Varnish – at an affordable rate and with convenient deployment and implementation.

Low maintenance: With Varnish Cloud on any of the available cloud platforms, you are relieved of the hassle and expense of on-premise hardware.

Secure, high-powered and scalable internet operations: You want Varnish Cloud for all the reasons you want Varnish for – end-to-end TLS/SSL security, power, scale. Varnish Cloud puts these enhancements in your hands.

Proven solutions: Combined proven technology and services of Varnish with the reliability, accessibility and affordable cost of the world’s most popular cloud platforms, AWS, Azure or Google.

Who should use Varnish Cloud?

Varnish Cloud was specifically designed for enterprises and organizations that wish to reduce their operating costs, skip the expense and maintenance of implementing on-premise hardware, or for those who simply want the convenience, affordability, and speed of accessing Varnish in the cloud.

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