Varnish Plus is now Varnish Enterprise

Varnish Plus is our commercial legacy product, one which many of our customers still use. Varnish Plus is the platform on which the Varnish solutions suite is built. Our suite of solutions consists of Varnish API and Web Acceleration, Varnish Streaming Server and Varnish DIY CDN.

Features of Varnish Enterprise

Varnish Enterprise offers a host of unique features that help optimize your web performance, scalability and content delivery.

Varnish High Availability

Varnish High Availability is a high-performance content replicator that gives you more resilient infrastructure and increases website performance.

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Varnish Massive Storage Engine (MSE)

With the Varnish Massive Storage Engine with persistence your Varnish caching layer can now handle multi-terabyte data sets and persist them across sessions.

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Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation

With Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation, invalidate your web content in real-time based on arbitrary relationships set by your business.

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Varnish SSL/TLS support

Varnish SSL/TLS support acknowledges the growing importance of transport security.

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Varnish Mobile Device Detection

Varnish Mobile Device Detection accurately detects the characteristics of every mobile and web connected device.

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Varnish Administration Console

Varnish Administration Console (VAC) is a single point of control for all Varnish Cache server administration.

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Varnish Paywall

Varnish Paywall provides flexible content control tools for your site with the ability to set rules on how viewers can access your controlled content.

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Varnish Custom Statistics

Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS) is a real-time statistics engine allowing you to aggregate, display and analyze user web traffic.

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Edgestash is a modern templating language which can dynamically assemble user customized responses giving you the lowest possible page load times.

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Parallel ESI

Turbo charge your ESI performance with Parallel ESI.

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Varnish Total Encryption

Varnish Total Encryption is a feature that not only makes your cache secure but also prevents any kind of malicious or accidental cache leak caused by vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed, Cloudbleed, and Meltdown.

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Varnish Web Application Firewall

The Varnish Web Application Firewall (WAF) lets you inspect your HTTP traffic and detect malicious requests at the edge before they reach your web application.

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Cache persistence ensures that data sets - even large ones - persist across sessions to save time, cost and effort while maintaining consistent performance and end-user experiences in the event of planned and unplanned outages or restarts.

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Varnish Broadcaster

Smarter cache invalidation - replicate requests to multiple Varnish caches from a single entry point.

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Varnish E-commerce Accelerator

Built with Magento in mind, Varnish E-Commerce Accelerator takes the personalized content and deconstructs it into JSON data, allowing to cache user information and making pages cacheable.

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