API and Web Acceleration

Make websites run faster with super-fast page load speeds
in all conditions, providing stability and minimizing operating costs.

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API and Web Acceleration

Make websites run faster with super-fast page load speeds in all conditions, providing stability and minimizing operating costs.

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Decrease in page load time

Keep people on your site for longer by decreasing average page load times by at least 50%. This will help boost traffic, SEO rankings and user engagement.


Requests per second

Satisfy any audience size and easily handle peaks in demand, ensuring your site does not crash when you need it most.


Average server response time

Deliver web content at the highest speed, and make critical processes and live updates quick and efficient.

Speed up page loads for everyone

Web and API Acceleration is a caching layer that provides the speed and stability required by high-traffic websites, helping to deliver reliable and smooth experiences for large audiences. Our API protects backend servers and minimizes operating costs, so you can stay online while handling more visitors.

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Edge logic
Pass decision making and content rendering to the network edge with device optimization done on high-speed infrastructure, minimising delay.

High availability
A high-performance content replicator to deliver more resilient infrastructure. This also increases content delivery performance and consistency across multiple caching nodes, all while consuming less bandwidth.
Web API Cache invalidation
Advanced cache invalidation ensures that updated content is ready for visitors while maintaining website speed, despite any changes.
Speed up ecommerce or gaming platforms by caching personalized or generic content, such as sensitive user data.
Protect internal servers and user data with a web application firewall. This is complete with a front and backend TLS (Transport Layer Security), all totally encrypted.

Trusted by esteemed international brands

Here are a few of the brands that trust Varnish Software in helping them meet their content delivery needs.

Why use API & Web Acceleration?

“In an outage situation, the whole site can be offline, and we still have
a working website, thanks to Varnish technology. The CBC website
could not do without it”

Massimo Mollica, Manager, CBC/Radio-Canada

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Compatible with the world’s most-used web technologies.

Compatibility is key. Varnish is architecture-agnostic, caching virtually any kind of content and supporting commonly-used web technologies.

Improved Traffic

Faster websites attract and keep more visitors, while reducing bounce rates.

Fresh Content

Cache invalidation ensures up-to-date content, while maintaining website speed

Simplified Stack

Replace multiple solutions with a single powerful tool.

Origin server
Putting a proxy in front of your origin servers protects the backend from flooding and lets the cache do the heavy lifting.
Varnish server
Varnish enables 300% faster content delivery, and reduces backend server load by up to 89% while handling unlimited simultaneous visitors.
Varnish ensures speedy, responsive content delivery optimized by device type.

API and Web Acceleration

As a caching layer that sits between origin servers and website visitors, Web and API Acceleration speeds up page load times and ensures high-performance HTTP and API content delivery.

It also scales easily to match any demand, and helps websites stay online and responsive, even when delivering personalized and complex content.

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