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Varnish API and Web Acceleration

Significantly speed up your API or web server, leveraging a flexible, highly configurable caching HTTP reverse proxy.


Decrease in page load time

With Varnish API and Web Acceleration, you can decrease the average page load time by at least 50%.


Increase in customer satisfaction

Leveraging Varnish you can increase customer satisfaction by up to 400%.


Savings due to less yearly downtime

A single hour of yearly downtime can result in an annual cost of up to $300,000. With Varnish API and Web Acceleration, the risk of downtime is significantly reduced.

Why use Varnish API and Web Acceleration?

Varnish API and Web Acceleration is your secret weapon for reliable, high-performance digital content delivery. Take advantage of high-powered, fast (up to 300-1000x faster) and scalable digital content delivery. There will be virtually no limit to the amount of traffic you can handle).

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In an outage situation, the whole site can be offline, and we still have a working website, thanks to Varnish technology. The CBC website could not do without it.

Massimo Mollica, Manager, CBC/Radio-Canada

Varnish Software customer, CBC: CBC’s Massimo Mollica discusses their use of Varnish API and Web Acceleration and how it has helped the CBC make their content delivery 1,000 times faster.

How it works

Powered by an HTTP reverse proxy, Varnish API and Web Acceleration is a highly flexible and configurable solution. It is designed to efficiently scale up your website, API and content delivery to meet large volumes of traffic, all while maintaining the lowest possible response times.

Origin server
Putting a proxy in front of your origin servers protects the backend from flooding and lets the cache do the heavy lifting.
Varnish Cache server
Caching with Varnish enables 300% to 1000% faster content delivery, and reduces backend server load by up to 89% while handling unlimited simultaneous visitors.
Varnish ensures speedy, responsive content delivery optimized by device type. Serving content quickly and efficiently doesn’t just mean you can serve more users, it also gives them faster downloads and a better experience.

API and Web Acceleration

Heavy or unpredictable traffic slows down performance, and built-in caching features don’t keep up.

The caching power of Varnish API and Web Acceleration ensures scalable, high-performance content delivery for anything HTTP and most API protocols.

Whether serving static files or, in particular, complex, dynamic content where speed is essential, Varnish API and Web Acceleration delivers.

Varnish Cache Plus
Client & backend-side SSL/TLS
High Availability
Administration console
Real-time statistics
Dynamic backends
Request mirroring
Edgestash and JSON
Cache invalidation
CDN connectors
Total Encryption

Does it work with…

Compatibility is key. Varnish is architecture-agnostic, caching virtually any kind of content and supporting the world’s most-used web technologies. Read up on a few of the most common CMSes, e-commerce platforms, CDNs and others that Varnish supports:

Get in touch if you have questions about all the rest.

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