Origin Shield

Stay online if your CDN fails, and keep reaching your audience while other websites go down.

Origin Shield

Stay online if your CDN fails, and keep reaching your audience while other websites go down.


No more downtime

Serve web and video content during CDN outages.


Protect your infrastructure

Shield origin servers from high traffic and DDoS attacks.


The end of server uncertainty

Stay online even if your origin server goes down.

The Easy Way to Defend
Against Downtime

Varnish Enterprise Origin Shield is a caching layer that sits between your servers and CDN, delivering your web and streaming content during outages and protecting your backend from high traffic. With Varnish Origin Shield, if your CDN goes down, your audience won’t even notice the difference.

Manual and automatic failover
Fast DNS switching strategies to serve traffic from Varnish during unpredictable CDN downtime.

Heavy traffic protection
Protect infrastructure from traffic overloads and the impact of revalidating CDN nodes.
Easy to implement
Deploy and scale quickly to ensure resilience, whether you’re running a single or multi-CDN setup.
Request collapsing
Origin Shield combines duplicate requests for uncached content, increasing efficiency and reducing backhaul.
Gain protection against intentional DDoS and unintentional DDoS-like attacks with no extra effort.

“Varnish really saved the day.”

“Because our sites were 100% behind Varnish, no one ever knew
about the downtime. No sales were lost, and
Varnish paid for itself by continuing to serve pages.”

System Architect, Major Multinational Cosmetics Brand

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Varnish Origin Shield is more than just a backup, it’s a complete resilience and redundancy strategy for your web service.


  • Redundancy: Active defense against downtime with seamless failover in case of CDN service disruption.
  • Resilience: Protect critical infrastructure with a caching layer that offloads traffic, blocks DDoS attacks and keeps services running smoothly.
  • Keep audiences online: Mitigate costly downtime and performance slowdowns to satisfy end users and SLAs.
  • Boost everyday operations: Deliver content faster with request coalescing and cache pre-fetching.

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