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Varnish Streaming Server

Deliver high-performance, reliable, consistent streaming and a superior end-user experience at any scale.

Lower costs

Cost efficient data transfer

With Varnish Streaming Server, you can significantly reduce your data transfer costs.

Origin protect

Backend offload

With Varnish Streaming Server, you can achieve up to 99% backend offload.

100+TB data

Massive data store

With Varnish Streaming Server, you can store a massive amount of data – more than 100+TB.

Why use Varnish Streaming Server?

Built for high-traffic, high-volume, dynamic content, Varnish Streaming Server delivers scale, speed, performance and stability. Able to handle all kinds of files, all levels of traffic, Varnish helps you be ready for anything.

Talk to an expert

Varnish offloads more than 50% of live streaming requests, which is a lifesaver in terms of load that does not hit the backend.

Benjamin Baumann, Solutions Architect, Eurosport

Brian Mezger, (former) VP of Technology at Surfline

How it works

Varnish Streaming Server helps take the guesswork out of the unpredictable nature of HTTP media streaming. Whether live, OTT or VoD, Varnish Streaming Server lets you scale your platform to serve streaming content seamlessly and adapt to any traffic conditions and demands.

Origin server
Let your origin do what it’s good at: ingesting, mix and packaging, while Varnish does the heavy lifting, as it’s compatible with all the major video formats (HLS, HSS, HDS, etc.).
Varnish cache server
Thanks to MSE, Varnish can store huge volumes of video as origin shield, making sure requests go to the origin only when absolutely necessary.
Cloud server
Place the video caching edge close to your user, be it live, VoD or catch-up to ensure minimal startup time for your customer.
Varnish ensures speedy, responsive content delivery optimized by device type. Serving content quickly and efficiently doesn’t just mean you can serve more users, it also gives them faster downloads and a better experience.

Streaming Server

Media streaming is unpredictable. Instant HTTP live or on-demand streaming at scale to unpredictable audiences on multiple devices poses challenges in developing the right infrastructure to handle and adapt to the conditions at hand.

The Varnish Streaming Server can help deliver on your live, OTT and VoD streaming needs at any scale.

Helping you plan and size your platform and ready your infrastructure for whatever streaming traffic hits, Varnish ensures that your audiences will need only to push play for a seamless streaming experience.

Varnish Cache Plus
Client & backend-side SSL/TLS
High Availability
Massive Storage Engine
Administration console
Real-time statistics
Content pre-fetch
CDN connectors


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