Varnish Enterprise

Varnish Enterprise is a supercharged version of the popular open source HTTP engine/ reverse HTTP proxy, Varnish Cache.

Often the single most critical piece of software in a web-based business, Varnish delivers your web content 300% to 1000% faster, with a reduction of backend server load of up to 89% while handling unlimited numbers of simultaneous visitors, depending on your architecture.


No matter the number of users accessing your content, it scales – and if volume peaks and servers become unavailable, high availability will ensure that your last good update is available to visitors.


High speed and performance ensure a smooth user experience. With Varnish you can decrease the average page load time by at least 50%.


Your customers value web speed and reliability. A faster more reliable website will have positive effects on your customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, conversion rates and revenue.

Features of Varnish Enterprise

Varnish Enterprise offers a host of unique features that help optimize your web performance, scalability and content delivery.

High Availability
Massive Storage Engine (MSE)
Enhanced Cache Invalidation
SSL/TLS Support
Mobile Device Detection
Varnish Administration Console (VAC)
Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS)
Dynamic Backends
Content Pre-fetch
Request Mirroring
JSON support
Parallel ESI
File Operations
Total Encryption
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
CDN Connectors
Content Transformation
E-Commerce Accelerator

Oh yes, Varnish comes with a dashboard…

…and an admin console to keep your eyes on what Varnish is doing in real time. Curious to take a look?

Check out the VAC Demo

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Get up to speed with Varnish Software. Learn more about optimizing API and web performance and content delivery as well as taking control of your web content and how, where, when and to whom it’s delivered.


Get up to speed with Varnish® Software. Learn more about optimizing API and web performance and content delivery.


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