Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation

With Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation, invalidate your web content in real-time based on arbitrary relationships set by your business

Web pages typically consist of content from multiple sources, so it can be challenging to ensure all web pages linking to specific sources are invalidated when the source updates. Together with the Varnish Administration Console and its Super Fast Purger, Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation provides an easy-to-use, central cache invalidation API making it easy to keep your website updated on the fly.

Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation features

  • Advanced hashing: Extreme flexibility to purge your instances of Varnish. By assigning HTTP response headers (tags) in the origin server, Varnish will map relationships between your online content, making it readily accessible when purging is required. When content is updated, all objects with your relevant tags will be purged.
  • Tags can be set to whatever value deemed relevant by your CMS or origin application or even VCL
  • Any object can have any number of tags
  • Any tags can belong to any number of objects

Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation benefits

  • Eliminate update challenges: Ensure that all affected content is purged from the cache and that fresh, up-to-date content is ready for your customers.
  • Performance never affected: Your website content is kept up-to-date and correct but website performance remains speedy regardless of content changes.

Who should use Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation?

Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation is built with the challenges of media, e-commerce and financial services websites in mind, although many sectors and industries face challenges related to caching and purging event-driven, rapidly changing content. Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation alongside the ease of management offered by the Varnish Administration Console will help you ensure that content is up-to-date and consistent without affecting your website performance.

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