Varnish Massive Storage Engine

The Varnish Massive Storage Engine (MSE) with persistence ensures that your Varnish caching layer can handle multi-terabyte data sets and persist them across sessions so that in the event of an outage or restart, you can avoid the time-consuming wait for the data/content to repopulate.

Smashing the size constraints of any HTTP-caching software available today, MSE is specially built for the high-performance needs of video distribution, CDNs, and large-cache use cases and for businesses in which high-performance delivery of large data sets is critical.

Varnish Massive Storage Engine features

  • 100+ terabyte storage: Caching of almost unlimited objects means fast and scalable delivery for any video distributor, CDN or large cache applications.
  • Cache persistence: Cache persistence allows your cache to survive when you need to restart Varnish or when Varnish restarts after a crash. All objects remain in the cache with minimal performance reduction. For big CDNs, an empty cache is a no-go, and reintroducing large cache objects, of the size for which MSE is required, is time-consuming.
  • Fragmentation-proof allocation: Each object is allocated storage in one place, not many, meaning fast retrieval, especially for traditionally lower-cost rotating media.
  • Increased cache hit rates: Equipped with ‘least frequently used/least recently used hybrid’ cache-eviction algorithm, providing smarter selection criteria within the cache to automatically evict the least-accessed objects when space is needed.

Varnish Massive Storage Engine benefits

  • Enhanced performance: 20-80% improvement over the ‘file backend’ on large datasets.
  • Stable cache performance: Allows your Varnish performance to remain stable over time and ensure businesses with large data sets remain at the forefront of performance.
  • Preserve with persistence: With the option to use persistence, large data sets are preserved/retained in the cache on a forced or unforced restart, leading to greater durability and speed.
  • Fast restart: Persistent cache retains cached data from before planned or unplanned starts, avoiding the need for time-consuming reload – full speed ahead, with little to no downtime.
  • Backend relief: Varnish servers can be rebooted without adding a significant strain to backends, avoiding failures due to a large number of backend requests.

Who should use the Varnish Massive Storage Engine?

If your storage and content serving needs are indeed massive, as the name implies, you undoubtedly need the Varnish Massive Storage Engine, which was designed specifically for the high-performance needs of video distribution, CDNs, and large cache use cases. In business-critical settings in which time is money, a persistent cache, regardless of data set size, is essential. Examples include image banks, retailers with large data sets, storage of historical financial data and businesses where high-performance delivery of large data sets is critical. Also, for anyone who has data sets they need to persist across planned or unplanned restarts, MSE with persistence can offer considerable time savings and contribute to making your Varnish an even stronger offering for caching large amounts of data.

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