Parallel ESI

Turbocharge your ESI performance with Parallel ESI

ESI (Edge Side Includes) is a popular way of composing web pages that requires dynamic presentation of personalized content from different “includes”. It’s what enables companies to tailor highly personalized experiences for end-users in the form of targeted, curated and relevant content and recommendations. If you’re using ESI, as most media and e-commerce companies do, you know that it boosts the flexibility of your dynamic content and is critical to driving user conversions — but you also know it comes with a price in latency.

Parallel ESI features

  • Kill latency: With parallel ESI, content delivery is accelerated by up to 75% as it seeks out and fetches needed web page fragments simultaneously.
  • Better responsiveness: Because these fetches are done in parallel, responsiveness in ESI-heavy pages is significantly improved.

Parallel ESI benefits

  • Up to 75% faster page assembly
  • Faster experience for users, especially on mobile
  • Seamlessly leverage the power of Parallel ESI, no configuration or code changes are required

Who should use Parallel ESI?

Businesses already using ESI (typically e-commerce and media) will see a significant positive performance impact on their content delivery, especially content delivered to mobile. Businesses can expect a performance benefit on mobile up to 75%, depending on their architecture. This enables the speedy composition of web pages that require dynamic presentation of personalized content and delivers an improved user experience.

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