Varnish Administration Console

Varnish Administration Console (VAC) is a single point of control for all Varnish server administration

VAC provides UI and API administration and is most commonly used in production environments where real-time graphs and statistics help identify any bottlenecks within your Varnish servers.

Varnish Administration Console features

  • Real-time statistics: Valuable real-time analytics across multiple instances within an easy UI. Make the right decisions faster and tune specific touch points of the user experience to ensure smooth accessibility.
  • Varnish group configuration management: Manage multiple instances of Varnish, assigning Varnish Configuration Language and parameter sets to groups of servers at the same time.
  • Cache invalidation issuing: Apply bans and purges across multiple instances of Varnish. High-performance purge is delivered using the Super Fast Purger (or the high-performance cache invalidation API).
  • Super Fast Purger: Does one thing and one thing only: purging Varnish caches – lots of Varnish caches – at blazing speed.
  • Code snippets and patterns/best practices: Coding best practices; included snippets exhibit structural and behavioral patterns that are well-thought-out solutions to configuring Varnish.

Varnish Administration Console benefits

  • Reduces the time and expertise required to manage multiple Varnish servers
  • Provides single interface to multiple instances of Varnish
  • Easy integration with your own management stack thanks to API
  • Management UI brings key counters to life by extending the API with usability and convenience

Who should use Varnish Administration Console?

VAC is designed with administrators in mind: those who want to manage multiple Varnish instances without the significant business resources often required to do so. The Varnish Administration Console API and management UI make managing Varnish instances easier and more transparent.

The Varnish Administration Console is a part of the Varnish Streaming Server and the Varnish API & Web Acceleration solutions and is not available as a standalone application. Please contact us to get a quote for the Varnish solution package that best fits your business needs.

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