Varnish Controller

An intuitive graphical administration platform for managing Varnish clusters

Varnish Controller simplifies the process of managing Varnish instances, deploying and updating VCL, monitoring the behavior of your Varnish instances and scaling your resources.


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Deploy and rollback in seconds

Get up and running quickly, and make edge
logic changes fast


Varnish, visualized

Web interface makes running and managing
your Varnish clusters easy


Automatically discover instances

Scaling resources is simple, with automated discovery and VCL deployment

The easy way to manage
Varnish clusters

Using Varnish Controller means Varnish deployments, rollbacks and scaling are faster and easier. The user- and command-line interfaces leverage the well-documented REST API, which handles all communication and also enables integration with external systems.

Controller is a fully redundant, fully encrypted and authenticated system, with AD support for tying access permissions into an organizational model.

Dynamically discover new instances and automatically deploy VCL

Multi-tenant deployment
Flexibly deploy different VCLs, including multiple VCLs to single instances

Real-time statistics
Real-time analytics for faster decision making

Cluster configuration management
Manage Varnish clusters, assigning VCL to groups simultaneously

Automate edge logic
Automated updates of VCL changes, plus validate VCL on a server with matching logic

Staged deployments
Test edge logic changes on one production server, then promote to all servers

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Demo Environment

Try out all of Varnish Controller’s capabilities, including Traffic Router, straight away with the pre-configured and fully functional demo environment.

Simply fill out the form to receive login credentials, and check out the documentation for tips on getting started.

Demo Environment Documentation

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