Varnish Traffic Router

Flexible CDN request routing for excellent user experiences at scale.

Traffic Router ensures your clients fetch content from the optimal cache node to get the best quality of service.


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Guarantee quality of experience

End-users and upstream CDNs are served by the best Varnish node


Full CDN control in one dashboard

Fully integrated into Varnish Controller for easier CDN management


Ensure uninterrupted service

Balance requests across caches and easily overflow traffic to public CDNs

Seamless routing, load balancing and CDN interconnection

Capable of both HTTP and DNS-based routing, Traffic Router helps end-users and Open Caching upstream CDNs fetch content from the optimal cache. The flexible rule engine can direct client requests based on Distance, Availability, Utilization, History, Tags and more.

Traffic Router also makes it easy to route traffic to public CDNs when cache nodes are fully utilized, for uninterrupted user experiences at scale.

Request routing
HTTP and DNS-based routing with a flexible rule engine

Load balancing
Balance client requests over multiple caches for horizontal scaling and hotspot avoidance

External CDN redirects
Overflow traffic to public CDNs for rapid scaling, and uninterrupted service for end-users

Real-time monitoring
See live and historic data on utilization, network performance and system performance

Active health checking
Route client requests to healthy locations only, ensuring service availability

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Varnish Traffic Router

Why Varnish Traffic Router?

One platform.

Traffic Router is fully integrated into Varnish Controller and the Varnish Private CDN suite, bringing together caching, configuration, monitoring, request routing and load balancing. It’s a single solution for running a complete private CDN.

It works anywhere.

Traffic Router, and the Varnish CDN platform as a whole, is platform-agnostic, deployable across bare metal, cloud, containers and VMs. Traffic Router is also load balancing mechanism-agnostic and supports both HTTP and DNS-based routing.

A full overview of your CDN.

Gives a complete picture of CDN activity, with counters, statistics and charts integrated into the customizable dashboard. Statistics are real-time and historical and can be organized by domain, VCL file and tags.

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